Top Selling Books of 2018

It’s an exciting new year of comics! Welcome to 2019!
So we’re going to do some dissecting of top sellers from 2018.

We’re going to kick off with a master list of all of our books. All categories and types of books, graphic novels, manga, BD, trade paperbacks, omnibi, superheroes, indies, non-fiction, and more are all stacked against each other to find out which book sold the most units at our shop in 2018.

Once again Brian K Vaughan provides the big numbers. A comic based on a podcast takes a shot at the title. An adaptation of a classic novel made sure that no superhero titles made it into the top ten.

A handful of manga series forced their way up the charts displacing many popular western titles.

A lot of older stories and number 1 volumes continue to feature high on the list as new readers find old classics in all categories.

The market for The Walking Dead seems to have finally matured with the newer volumes finally outselling the early volumes.

The new The Phantom volumes published by Frew proved to be a major success, outselling most other superhero books.

Aussies Ryan Lindsay, Jon Sommariva, Tom Taylor, and Nicola Scott all have books in our top 100!

Check out the top 101 books below. And stay tuned for some more best sellers lists including some filtering this list out into categories…

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