Back Issues

Back Issues

Sitting at home, wishing you could be rummaging through long boxes looking for that missing back issue?

We hear ya, and we’ve got your fix.

We’ve got our computer to dump out a list of all of our in stock back issues… In theory… digging in back issues in a shop isn’t an exact science, things aren’t always put back where they belong. Also, some of our back issue listings weren’t optimised for sharing like this, so you might see issues from different runs with nothing in the title to tell them apart. (we update it from time to time, so it might not be exactly up to date.)

It’s over 11,000 issues, we’ve provided it here in an excel document you can download and search through.

To help you check it’s the issue you are after, we’ve provided an automatically generated link to the Diamond Comics online catalog (it should work for most of them)

  1. Download the excel file to your computer
  2. Choose the back issues you are after (include the item codes)
  3. Email us your list using the form below.
  4. We’ll dig them out for you and email back with a quote including postage and a payment link
  5. Kick back and watch The Last Dance as your comics get delivered to you.

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