Bestselling Graphic Novels of 2021 copy

We’ve been crunching the numbers, and we have a list of our 100 best sellers of 2021.
Here we have a list of our graphic novels… well, strictly speaking there are graphic novels, and trade paperbacks, and hardcovers… but you get the idea, essentially western style comics in a bound books form. Some of them were only ever printed in this form, those are the graphic novels (often called Original Graphic Novels, OGNs.) Some of them are reprints of comics that previously came out in single pamphlet comics (usually called Trade Paperbacks, TPs.)

Anyway, we had some crazy months when things were hard to get, distribution got a bit screwy… Supply of Marvel books got a bit inconsistent as they shifted distribution, resulting in them barely getting any titles in our top 100 this year! Then there was the ransomware attack on our suppliers meaning we couldn’t restock Marvel or Image books for a couple of months.

Oh, yeah, we also had 9 weeks of lockdown. And through the whole thing, people kept demanding more comics.

So, here is our countdown of our 2021 top 100 graphic novel volumes… can you guess what will be #1?