Impact Comics Festival 2017 – The Entertainment



Meri Amber

It all started off rather innocently, this whole music thing. I had something that I did that made me feel special and got me some attention. I wrote songs and people listened. I tried to grow up from it but I couldn’t.











Canberra Princesses and Friends

Canberra Princesses and Friends are a group of locals who enjoy dressing up for cinema screenings, fundraising, community events and promotions. We love to add a little magic to peoples lives and see them smile. 🙂











501st Legion – Southern Cross Garrison

Our aim is to promote Star Wars in a positive way, with movie accurate costuming, whilst assisting charities, people in need, and building positive relationships within the community.











Libraries ACT

Libraries ACT will set up a micro library at the festival, showing off their comics collections and their digital services.
Come along and have a read!
Libraries ACT champions literacy, learning and the pleasure of reading, and inspires and connects people, engaging them with their community and the world.


The GAMMA.CON festival is an annual event run by the non for profit organisation The GAMMA.CON Society Inc. Staffed 100% by volunteers, GAMMA.CON festival is a two day event dedicated to entertaining casual and dedicated fans of TV, anime, movies, books, comics, gaming, technology and collectibles.

GAMMA.CON is running the cosplay events for The Impact Comics Festival!











Capital μ’sic

Capital μ’sic is a Love Live μ’s group based in Australia’s Capital, Canberra!
Please look forward to our upcoming cosplays and performances during the Impact Comics Festival!!


Impact Comics Festival 2017 – The Comics Marketplace












The Australian Cartoonists’ Association

The Australian Cartoonists’ Association will be in town for their annual awards and to open the Behind the Lines Exhibition!
Meet some of Australia’s best award winning cartoonists!
Our membership includes Australia’s best cartoonists, caricaturists, illustrators, comic book and comic strip artists, animators and digital artists who work for newspapers, magazines, production houses and, of course, online.
Founded in 1924, the ACA has a proud history and is an integral part of the fabric of Australian society. We welcome you to explore this website and enjoy the very best of Australian cartoonists …











Jon Sommariva

Comic book maker. Artist of Batman/TMNT & Star Wars Adventures.











Ryan K Lindsay

Local Canberra writer of the Aurealis and Ledger award winning Negative Space from Dark Horse, Beautiful Canvas from Black Mask, and some DC stuff, as well as miniseries from IDW, ComixTribe, and his other up coming fun which he can’t talk about yet.










ACT Comic Meet

The ACT Comic Meet is a Canberra-based community of comics creators. We enjoy reading and making comics, and there are opportunities to meet and draw or chat about comics every month.










Big Tim Stiles

In Struggle-Town, a superhero takes on a case that involves investigating the murder of a street mime… who suffocated, trapped in a real invisible box. His investigation leads him to the local strip club, eccentric criminals, and a gorgeous female mime. Did I mention the superhero is also a gorilla?











Bolt Comics

Indie comics publisher for fans of dragons, laughs, adventure & talking animals fighting each other, sometimes with big swords!











Donkey Bonnet

Bossman is light harted comic based out of the Melbourne CBD. With four issues released learn all about Bossman and his Friends as they fight of creators of the Never.

Zack’s company uses slaves and mercenaries weapons, they have been doing it for years. But now Zack’s work troubles him. Find out why with “”Blood is Thicker”” Issues 1 and 2 available.











Halftone Productions

“A Indie Comic Book called the Talking Bread, A story about 18 slices of bread causing chaos in the CBD of Melbourne
Also the Podcast called the Halftone Effect a podcast dedicated to talking too indie comic creators and the people in the industry.”












I’m a storyboard artist who illustrates and writes books in her spare time. I’ll be selling collections of my own ink illustrations!











JUDD Comics

Based in Sydney, Australia, JUDD Comics came about when Lachlan Judd took a break from editing a corporate video on Business and Risk [TM], and started drawing a mutant Space Ant instead.











Louie Joyce

Louie Joyce is an Australian illustrator and comics creator. His comics include Past the Last Mountain (winner of the 2017 Silver Ledger Award), Astral and self published books MISHMASH & HODGEPODGE.











Max. Shift

Quarterly released action sci-fi comic written by Michael Yee with Art by Bong Dazo (Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth). Max. Shift follows a team of misfit heisters who travel to parallel Earths to steal wealth and technology, all whilst avoiding the ruthless and formidable Proxy, who control the Ports between worlds.











Octopus and Family

Octopus and Family is a hilarious study of all the things you never imagined an octopus could become. Created by Canberra local, Annabelle Lee, it starts outs innocently enough, but before long a flippant encounter with a chicken begins an epic rivalry set to go down in history. Prepare to laugh out loud as each page brings a new and unexpected twist featuring puns, word play, and of course, full colour illustrations. Be warned, it might look sweet and cute but this book is not for kids! Don’t miss the launch of the second book in this hilarious series, ‘Super Arm-ey Heroes’ which answers that question you never knew you had until now: “What would cosplay look like at an octopus comic convention?” Make sure you come and find out!











Odyssey Books

We’ll be featuring locally published speculative fiction written by Australian authors. Check out our epic fantasies, out of this world sci-fis, historical fiction and magical steampunk — we’ll have something for all readers.












Outsider is set in a fictional universe, in a world maintained and built upon by the five element gods. These gods created sentient life, and before their untimely demise, entrusted their elemental powers to groups of humans, allowing them and their descendants to wield these elements with the help of the segments of earth that also held the gods’ powers. Years later, elements are used commonly for fighting; the earth that enables the release of these powers, harvested and built into weapons of war.
Lyra Alexanders, a 16 year old electricity and sword user, is an orphan residing in the country of Victoriana. Due to her assumed origins and a marking she has associating her with a dangerous terrorist group, she is often the target of spite and hatred, but upon finishing her final years of schooling, she and the rest of her peers are about to enter into the recruitment training stage of their 2 year conscription into their nations military, something all Victorianan element users must undergo after ten years of childhood schooling, and now the young soldier in training is becoming more and more determined to gain the respect of those around her and be a part of something, as well as learn about her true origins as more and more questions of her past begin to arise.








There’s really only one comic, so you can’t actually be that picky I suppose. There’s also fanart prints and stickers, if you like that noise. Screw Flanders.











Pie-Eyed Productions

A 1920s/30s styled comic about a guy named Harvey and a peanut butter obsessed woman named Marny. These two live in a prototype city inhabited mostly by robots. These stories are createdand drawn by Tinman Johnson who has been doing this title for over seven years!











Sapphire Sheedy

An illustrator that works in the animation industry, I will be selling illustrations as well as a personal comic Generic Girl. I will also have a new zine published by this event.











Shane W Smith

Shane W Smith is the creator of eight full-length graphic novels, and a number of shorter pieces. Three of his books have been shortlisted for national awards, including the zombie-family-drama Undad, which tells the tale of a vegetarian family man who unexpectedly turns undead. He has a creative writing degree from the University of Canberra, and his oddest achievement is getting a comic published in a refereed academic journal. His latest project involved editing a massive and ambitious anthology of comics and prose entitled All The King’s Men, which was published in late 2016. You can follow Shane’s writing misadventures at











Super Ready Battle Armor

A manga inspired comic about a young man named Infector, he can bring the dead back from the deathscape into the world of the living.












We make comics, miniature food and photos of beautiful scenes around the world! We create comics for women and everyone else. Stop by to have a look at our miniature food and food-themed jewellery (but please don’t eat it), and stay for the photographs of nature and cities across Australia and Asia.


Impact Comics Festival 2017 – The Marketplace











Acumen Aquatics & Vivaria

I sell a variety of both live easy-care terrariums, and dried landscaped pots – most created with recycled, vintage or up-cycled glassware and planters. I also provide a wide assortment of pop culture figurines that customers can choose and I add to the scene on request. This has proven popular and fun at past markets.

I have also recently held an Art Show at the Smiths Alternative using pressed and dried natural items to create framed pictured, potted dried landscapes and jewellery created from dried plant materials and smashed crystals. These are also made from recycled, vintage or up-cycled materials, and have also proved popular.








Amanda Herzman

I create illustration poster and art prints, influenced by the magical, curious and strange. I incorporate hand lettering, stars, plants and little bits of fanart.








Attire Dolls

We specialise in handmade jewellery, accessories, art prints, with not only original content, but fandom and cosplay related items as well, and we create custom orders, commissions along with much more!











Creative Beasts

“Creative Beasts makes custom costumes, specialising in fursuits. Everything is designed, patterned and made by me. I offer custom commissions, premade costumes, faux armour, toys, accessories, art and more!

I’m based in Canberra, and often attend cons, either performing in costume or running my shop in the artist alley.”











Curious Empire

Curious Empire Clothing is an indie fashion label that is all about letting your inner geek shine. Our custom designed apparel covers pop culture, gaming, anime and beyond with a broad range of sizes starting at an XS and going up to a 3XL.











Diana Lawrence Art

I am a long time fan of comics, superheroes, fantasy and Disney who likes to multi-task while watching great tv. The majority of my art is one-of-a-kind, there will be limited edition prints available too.











Drawing in Circles

I will have Fanart prints, stickers and commission work for sale, feel free to come by and just have a chat.











Gallifreyan Pendants

Maker of jewellery in fictional languages











G-turtle makes things

I am a local artist who loves making handcrafts, illustrations and adorable accessories inspired by pop culture, anime and all things cute!












Returning after our previous successful Impact Comics Festival, with a range of original stickers and designs. Some fan favourites and some new.












“InIteration is a Canberra based designer, specialising in 3D printing. I design and create products, models, toys, and parts, that I publish online for other 3D printing enthusiasts to use. I also sell ready made models through my Etsy store. My most successful design was the Pokeball Aimer, which went viral last year in the wake of Pokemon GO. My most recent popular design was my 3D printed pickle rick, which has been shared all over the web.
At the Impact Comics Festival, I intend to: sell my 3D printed designs, talk to people about 3D printing, and offer people my sevices to make custom parts/objects.”











Invisible Ink Studio

Canberra digital art studio that specialises in sequential illustration and radical artwork. All artwork is 1000% original and 1000000% cool.











Jabbers Art

I sell cartoon prints, cosplay props and comics, I have a been a freelance artist for the past 22 years











Jolli creations

“At Jolli Creations we make handmade Pokémon terrariums, come see our range of poke balls and custom orders are welcome!

We also have a range of handmade cute pop culture jewelry available!”











Larissa Cook

Larissa Cook is a designer and illustrator from the Snowy Mountains. A quirky digital illustrator who plays with bright colours, unique characters and a feminine palette. She adores all things Disney and her secret dream is to stay at home and draw her pomeranian all day.












I am a pastel enthusiast with a love for drawing. I make digital and traditional stuff, mostly anime, comic or Kpop related. *thumbs up*











Matty Dariol – Future Infinity

Amazing Comic Art by Matty Dariol. Character Art Prints, Marvel DC, Pokémon you name it! Live sketch Commissions and Print Sale.











May bee makes art

I make art. Fan art (both comics and manga), zines, and original art (based around fashion and medical stuff). I am also trying to get a webcomic together to launch at end of year. Probably about pirates.












I draw digital fanart, mostly for various video games and comic books.
Use code KEEM for 10% discount.











The ninja neko

The Ninja Neko is your one stop shop for anything anime, gaming or comic book related. We make badges, stickers, figures, jewelry, prints and this year we are venturing into cosplay accessories and t-shirts!










Raye Sommers Design

Graphic Designer by day–Illustrator, freelance designer and magical girl superhero by night–Creative and dreamer all day every day! Selling original and fan artworks that make you feel something, discover new things, or maybe just help brighten your day











SangzHime & Meduchan Handcraft

Art prints, Fanart Prints, Handmade jewelry, Hand crochet beanie & hat. Handmade pop culture fashion accessories. Handmade clay charm, adornment and geekery trinkets.












A local Canberra cosplayer with a huge passion for all things pop culture. I’ll be selling my latest and greatest cosplay prints and possibly some other accessories too!











Spotted Candy

A young Australian artist who gets her inspiration from Japanese anime and manga. As seen at GAMMA.CON 2017











Wooden Overcoat Works by Skullstho

I create stickers, prints, and zines. I also run the Canberra Drink and Draw and would pass out fliers for that!












I am a traditional game and concept artist , drawing anything from superheroes to game characters and landscape paintings.


Impact Comics Festival


12-5pm Sunday 26th November, Garema Pl, Canberra

All the best bits of a comic convention combined with all the best bits of sunny Sunday afternoon in Canberra!

Cosplay - Comics - Zines - Art - Music - Fashion





Buy comics, sines, novels, artworks, clothing and more direct from the creators in the Canberra sunshine!
Kick off your Christmas shopping in style!


The crew from GAMMA.CON will be running our cosplay contest!


Geek Pop starlet MERI AMBER will be performing live with the perfect soundtrack of original geekery to keep your toes tapping.



Buy directly from the creators,
wear a costume and win a prize in the cosplay contest,
vote to award a STIR grant to an aspiring artist,
chill out and read a comic under the trees and enjoy the day.


We'll be joined by the Australian Cartoonists' Association!
Australia's professional cartoonists will all be in town for their annual awards night of nights, the Stanleys!
Not only that, they have heaps of other programming including workshops and opening the Behind the Lines Exhibition.


Proudly supported by BARLENS The Party Troopers!

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