New Series starting in June – LAST CHANCE

The PREVIEWS Catalog is the monthly slab of awesome that lists all of the future comics, graphic novels, manga and more that we order in from the US. Here’s the full catalog for June’s new releases.
Orders need to be in AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or risk missing out!


The April PREVIEWS catalog lists all of the comics and more that we are expecting to start hitting shelves in June 2017. Make sure you place your orders with us by the 18th of April so you don’t miss out on anything!

Comic Book Preorders And Standing Orders

It’s time to talk about preordering comic books and standing orders. Both these things really help out your local comic book store and mean you don’t miss out on the comics you want. Do you have any questions about standing orders or preordering comics? Leave them for me in the comments below.


Check out the entire catalog here…



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Check out the first volume in a new series of manga or trade paperbacks here…

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