How much will my Postal Standing Order Cost?

Comics carry a cover price that is usually in US dollars, it is often listed by the publisher, we use a conversion table to work out your price in Australian Dollars, this price includes air freight and GST.

Here’s the current prices…

New Comics prices effective from Monday 21/9/15
US Cover price Shelf Price $AU Standing Order Price $AU
1.00 1.99 1.79
2.99 5.90 5.31
3.50 6.90 6.21
3.99 7.90 7.11
4.99 9.80 8.82
5.99 11.80 10.62

We package your comics up and send them out automatically once a month via Australia Post. The price of your postage depends on how many comics you are getting each month…

Prices for automatic monthly standing order mail outs to anywhere in Australia including PO Boxes…

1 – 3 single issues – $5.00
4 or more single issues – $9.99