Chum – Surf Noir by Canberra’s own Ryan K Lindsay

Canberra local has done it again. Crafting a dark tale of violence, drugs, money, lust and… surf?


3 issue mini series begins 20th of May.

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Written by Canberra’s own Ryan Lindsay with art by Sami Kivela

Summer Stanwyck is trapped. She tends bar on the island she grew up on, the local cop is about to become her ex-husband, and she’s wasting time screwing the local reefer kingpin. But when a bag full of cash and drugs appears, she sees a way out… and anyone who gets in her way is shark bait. Chum is Pulp Fiction on the sand, a surf noir story straight off the drugstore paperback rack that will ruin your faith in people, from Sami Kivela, artist on Zenescope’s Realm War, and Ryan K Lindsay, the writer of Dark Horse’s Negative Space.