Comic Price Changes in April

Hi there gang!
What a crazy time we are in!
As you may have seen, the Australian dollar took a massive dive in value this week.
As a result, we’ve been forced to increase new comics prices for the first time in almost five years.

New Comics Prices from 1st of April

This price increase will come into effect on the 1st of April 2020 and will affect all new and recent single issues including comics that are being held, but are unpaid for. So, please collect all of your standing orders by 31st of March to get the cheapest prices.

Cover Price
April 2020
shelf price
April 2020
standing order price

Don’t miss out

Something else to consider, we will not be ordering many comics for the shelf. In many cases we will ONLY order for customers.
We don’t want to get stuck with back issues right now (our landlord won’t accept them as payment – we checked.)

So if you want to get a comic, let us know you are committed to it at least a month before it is due, or you will likely miss out.

If you don’t have a standing order, you’ll need one HERE>>
Check out the PREVIEWS CATALOG to stay ahead of upcoming releases.

What about manga and graphic novels?

We get lots of our graphic novels and manga volumes from a range of suppliers, so the prices on some of those will change similar to this, others might not change much depending on the actions of suppliers.

What about mail orders?

If you have an automatic mail order that contains books released before 1st of March, they will be billed at the old pricing. For this reason, your April mail order might contain two sets of prices.


If you’ve got any questions, please let us know. This is happening pretty fast, so we might need to work out the answer and get back to you.