DC Future State – Order NOW

Hello DC Comics fans!
Are you enjoying Dark Nights Death Metal?
If you are up to date with what’s been happening in that comic… it’s getting a bit apocalyptic. A bit like a… what DC generally like to call… a CRISIS!
And what comes after a DC Comics Crisis is usually some sort of reboot or relaunch.
All the current DC comics stories finish in December 2020. We think that relaunch is coming in March 2021.
BUT… what about January and February 2021?

Future State

All the comics arriving in January and February 2021 will be showing a (possible?) future version of the DC Universe.
We are locking in our order numbers for all of the Future State comics very soon, so we want you to let us know which ones you want in your standing orders, so no one misses out!

As with most DC Comics, these comics each come with options for a slightly more expensive cardstock variant cover edition.
We’ve listed them all below with the prices you’ll pay in $AU. These are the discounted standing order prices, if you buy them off the shelf, they’ll be more expensive.

If you don’t yet have a standing order account set up, head over HERE