Farewell to Saga, for now

This week, the final paperback volume of Saga is released and a sense of anticipation and inevitable longing is sweeping through the comics reading world.

Saga by Fiona Staples and Brian K Vaughan is a cult phenomenon.

Saga has no big company behind it, it is completely owned by the two creators.
There is no movie tie-in, no video game, no TV show, no celebrity endorsement (well, actually I imagine a number of celebrities love it, but none have been solicited to plug it.)

Saga sells completely on its own merits and the word of mouth of critics and fans. It’s not for kids and doesn’t pander to appeal to a broad base, it is regularly confronting and often very very human in the most vulnerable way, despite not starring a single human character.

It’s the best there is at what it does

Saga outsells Marvel and DC comics regularly. It is exactly what you want from any good quality independent entertainment in any medium.

Saga, when it started, was best described as Star Wars written for Game of Thrones fans… but it was so much more than that and took off at a cracking pace. Over the last five years it has won a room full of awards and been the bestseller. Not a good seller, not a great seller, not even A bestseller to be honest, THE bestseller. For years.

And now the creators need a break

Brian K Vaughan and Fiona staples have announced they will be taking a break of at least a year from creating new issues for Saga.

The final floppy comic issue has already hit shelves weeks ago, so many have already read the final (for now) chapter. But hundreds more of our customers prefer their Saga comics collected into handy paperback volumes, so this is it for them.

Saga Volume 9 is the end of Saga, for now.

If you haven’t started Saga yet, you can jump right in at volume 1. We keep it in stock and it is priced lower than later volumes to get you started with very little cost!

If you are looking for more comics to tide you over, there are heaps we can recommend. None are quite like Saga, but there are some great options.

Drop in and see us or send us an email with a list of your favourites sorts of stories outside of comics, what sort of books, movies and TV do you like? and we’ll see if we can find you something new.

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