HEADSPACE – by local writer Ryan K Lindsay

You may remember Ryan K Lindsay from his hit issue of MY LITTLE PONY. Or maybe you prefer his quirky and noir work on FATHERHOOD or DEER EDITOR.
Well, he’s back with a comic to really mess with your head.

What if your town were the mental construct of a killer? The inhabitants of Carpenter Cover are about to find out.

Ryan’s comic has been available and getting some amazing reviews in digital form. Check it out here.

Now IDW are bringing it to print in a sweet volume, and we are having a celebration!

On Saturday 9th of May RYAN K LINDSAY is coming to have a launch party and meet readers at Impact Comics.

If you’d like to reserve a copy…

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We know you want to get into this comic, but don’t take our word for it…

Zander Riggs at Destroy The Cyborg –

If you’re looking for an emotional story set in the veritable playground of the subconscious, Headspace is the comic for you.


From page one, HEADSPACE takes the quiet life of small towns to some strange places. And once you’ve gotten your bearings, it giddily saws all the legs off your chair and sends you tumbling down a vertiginous hole of guns, monsters, dead folks, betrayal and that inescapable feeling that you’ll never know which way is up again.

Zac Thompson at Bloody Disgusting –

The concept is brilliant and executed with such skill that’ll you’ll barely find time to take a breath. The pacing is perfect and the world building is insane.

Pipedream Comics UK

Ryan K. Lindsay’s dark fairytale mixes elements of the Truman Show, Hannibal and The Prisoner to create a brilliantly surreal take on the world of a small town sheriff. The town of Carpenter Cove may seem like your typical American small town, but it is actually the mindscape of a killer and so as Sheriff Shane attempts to keep order in this surreal town which features dragons and a robot dog bartender, in the real world killer Max is on the run from the law. Don’t be put off by the serial killer subplot, as this isn’t a book full of blood and guts, it’s a smartly written, surreal thriller that has gained momentum in every issue to create a truly compelling and original story. It’s backed up with stunning artwork from Eric Zawadzki who helps Lindsay create this fantastic world.