Heavy Metal – The Grant Morrison Era begins!

This week’s HEAVY METAL #280 marks the beginning of a new era as comics mastermind Grant Morrison takes over as Editor in Chief.


… is the much ballyhooed, and deservedly so, debut issue for HEAVY METAL’s new Editor in Chief, Mr. Grant Morrison. It hits shelves on 13th of May.

Within its pages you will find a blast of excellently illustrated, maddeningly mind-bending tales by Heavy Metal regulars and debutantes.

It’s all kicked off with an editor’s note that is an unprocessed, unfiltered slice of Morrison’s brain, that comics fountain from whence sprung The Invisibles, Flex Mentallo, The Filth, and a host of name-brand stuff (Superman, X-Men, JLA, etc.)


It’s from a few years ago, but given this is a new era of a long running comics series, this video seems relevant. Grant Morrison explains how all life is joined…