Impact Comics Festival 2016 – Exhibitors


ACT Comic Meet

The ACT Comic Meet is a Canberra-based community of comics creators. We enjoy reading and making comics, and there are opportunities to meet and draw or chat about comics every month. Our members are very active in the local comics community and many – in addition to their own comics work – have contributed to a number of the Meet’s publication. Everyone is welcome to join the online community, and we have monthly meetups (usually in licensed establishments)



Big Tim’s Funny Books

Comic books telling weird, offbeat and interesting stories about characters you go have a drink with.
Twitter: @CthulhuWilliams

Paddy has been writing Bossman comics for 4 years and has just lunched his new comic “Blood Is Thicker”
Bossman is a light hearted super hero comic featuring nerdy jokes and puns.
“Blood is Thicker” is the story a worker at a weapons factory. Zack’s company tests their products using people in a gladiator style area.

Cloud 9 Comix

Cloud 9 Comix is Australia\’s premier digital comic book publisher, bringing you the best of creator-owned comics from across the globe. At Impacts Comics Festival we will have our new sci-fi series Exilium, as well as our hugely popular series Trail, Trail – New World, The Mighty Titan, and a few others, on sale.

Eleri Harris

Eleri Harris is a cartoonist specializing in non-fiction, journalism and history comics. She is the associate editor of comics website The Nib.

House Comix Inc.

House Comix inc is the creation of 9 year old Tain Beard he has been writing and drawing his own comics since pre school.

He now works closely with his sister Maisie (age10) and his younger brother Hunter (age 8) who both help with writing on his two major titles Super Narwhalman and the continuing story of FireBoy and his elemental super powered friends.

Tain’s work has previously only been self published and he is looking forward to getting his new works professionally printed for this event as well as a line of merchandise featuring his own original characters.


Out of the cemetery and into your hearts.

This collection works vary from horror inspired pieces, strange absurdities and just plain weirdness. Hopefully bring some delight into your life.

Inkling Comics

I’m a comic writer/artist/publisher who creates grounded speculative fiction stories to make you think and feel the things.


Invisible Ink Studio is the business end of artist, illustrator, and semi-local Canberran Daniel A Becker. Daniel has produced two comic titles in the last five or so years (Last Ditch Attempt Detective; Master & Apprentice) and is currently working on an upcoming series “Coward”. To see some of his work, head over to to check it out.


Keresiya Keh-reh-see-yah (ooh la la!) Noun Definition: Small pixie like creature that dwells in nooks and crannies all over the globe. My name is Keresiya and I am a visual and performance artist based in Canberra. I studied at the ANU school of art, and I very much enjoy all aspects of art, media and entertainment. Stop by; please say hi! I love animation in general and any type of comic strip catches my attention! Art is expression and I’m happy to share that with you!

I’m selling print versions of my webcomic. You can read it at
but the print versions contain touch-ups, corrections, and just look pretty. In addition to comics, i’ll be selling small fan art goods.

Pie-Eyed Productions

Harvey the 29th is a story set in a current day proto-town of the future. Harvey, a luddite from 1929, lives in this town with his girlfriend Marny. Marny is part robotic and is the owner of an up and coming peanut butter company. This story also contains a variety of interesting characters such as Captain Closet (wannabe superhero), Indicator Gator (Road Safety Management) and P.C. Guy (Censorship Officer).

Shane W Smith

Shane W Smith is the creator of seven full-length graphic novels, and a number of shorter pieces. Three of his books have been shortlisted in national works, including his latest graphic novel Undad, which tells the tale of a vegetarian family man who unexpectedly turns undead. He has a creative writing degree from the University of Canberra, and his oddest achievement is getting a comic published in a refereed academic journal. He is currently editing All The King’s Men, a 700 page anthology of short science fiction stories by two dozen incredibly talented writers from around the world. You can follow Shane’s writing misadventures at and


Super Ready Battle Armor is a comic about a young man who can resurrect the dead, the consequences of this are not clear but are not always good. A super hero story with a slice of life feel.

Ravens Head Press

Having worked in almost all of Canberra’s comic book shops over the years, Phil finally decided to get some of his own stories published. If you like history, fantasy, horror, suspense and crime, or even comics like the League of Extraordinary Gentleman, does he have the book for you.

Odyssey Books

Odyssey Books is a local publisher, producing books that stretch the imagination, challenge pre-existing attitudes and beliefs, or take readers to far-flung climes. Books are always a journey. And as our name suggests, we are all about epic journeys, adventurous voyages, and intellectual or spiritual quests. Readers are sure to find a book within our range of titles to challenge, inspire and entertain.