Impact Comics Festival 2016 – Exhibitors


Amanda Herzman

Freelance illustrator and textile designer. I love drawing flowers, babes and sometimes bugs.


Just a macaron who is slightly otaku flavoured and is wanting to share its artistic flavour!
Instagram 🙂

Bonnie Kate

I am a mainly digital artist who likes drawing pokemon and other things. Find me at

Canberra ACT Drink and Draw

Canberra Drink and Draw hosted by GUILD. Canberra Drink and Draw is a casual, monthly event that asks artists to come together and create. It is for all ages and skill types. There is no submission or portfolio process to take part in the event. There is also NO fee to participate. The aim is to get people drawing in an area that is relaxed and welcoming. So many people are busy and don’t have time to dedicate to drawing or pursuing their artistic interests. We even welcome people who like adult coloring books. ANYTHING to get the arts into people’s lives. Artists bring their own tools and mediums and get to hang out with like minded people and even show off what they can do. It’s a free, fun, casual time. Canberra ACT Drink and Draw page:

Colourful Kaos

Artist and cosplayer, I create multifandom merchandise and artworks. Find me at:

Drawing in Circles

Hey there! I love to do draw and am looking forward to getting better at it and meeting new people in the process. You can find me here:

Gary Dennis / Art & Design

A lover of anime, a sketcher and designer. I love making stuff!


A new local design brand creating unique illustrations and designs for print, web and business. With further aspiration of creating illustrated stories through web and print. Follow our progress on Or Facebook: Our website, which will include blog articles and more is still very much under construction but can be found @


Local artist specialising in hybrid, traditional and digital art – starts in pencil and ends up on a computer. Twitter: DeviantART: Redbubble:

Jinberry: The Art of Regine Clarke

Regine Clarke is half-visual storyteller, half-wild-eyed child, but secretly an experiment-gone-wrong escaped from another dimension. She thrives in make-believe worlds spun by comics, videogames, animated shorts, feature films, and by the people around her. She creates characters complete with their own backstories and wardrobe/weapon choices. Sometimes she makes conversation with them. Often they tell her what adventures they’ve been up to, and she records them in her sketchbooks. She is a storyboard artist for the upcoming 2D animated children\’s TV series Lexi and Lottie. She has exhibited in shows in Sydney and interstate as an active member in the pop culture scene, and is hoping to keep making art out of her favourite pop culture icons as well as the fantastical adventures that spur from her imagination and from the world around her. IG: FB: Tumblr: Website:


Two artists who live in Canberra and draw nerdy things.

Just Cat Designs

Amateur artist who creates fanart and other based objects along with original pieces. Tumblr: Facebook: Redbubble:

Luck of the Draw

A young artist with a focus on fan art and commisions. Additionally I will accept commision for computer generated work. Pencil drawings. Inking and Colour. I want to meet lots of new and interesting people while I\’m at it.

Matty Dariol – Future Infinity Studio

Comic and Concept Artist Matty Dariol
New and exciting original comic preview!
Amazing Poster and SketchCard prints Available.
Live drawing, and personal SketchCard Commissions on the day.
As well Open Commission enquiries.
For more check out Instagram: mattydariol_art Facebook: futureinfinitystudios

Raye Sommers Design

Graphic Designer by day. Illustrator, freelance designer and magical girl superhero by night. Creative and dreamer all day every day! Selling my fan art and original illustration prints to make my dreams come true!
Twitter and Instagram @RayeSommers

The Terminal Crew

The Terminal Crew is a couple of nerds who enjoy comics, anime/manga and cosplay. we will be hand crafting some cute small charms/keyrings/art to sell. all art at our stall will be hand drawn by one of us and commissions will be available. links:
soli- insta tumblr facebook
mark- insta tumblr

Rawr! I like anime, games and i occasionally like to draw, especially things that are cute! Will be showcasing Posters, Badges and Keychains featuring my artwork. Come say hi if you have time! =)