Impact Comics Festival 2016 – Exhibitors



An Australian American cartoonist specializing in anthropomorphic art, cartoons and pop culture

DeBri & Calo

I draw traditional art and sew. I’ll be selling a bunch of Pokemon themed goods on the day, so come say hi!
I like JRPGs and using drawing as an excuse to ignore important life tasks. I’ll be selling a bunch of prints on the day and some Kingdom Hearts wristbands, drop by and see if there’s anything that catches your fancy!

Gallifreyan Pendants

Custom made jewellery in fictional languages from across TV, movies and comics. Fictional languages include gallifreyan, kryptonian, enochian, aurebesh and even klingon – check out or our facebook page.

Meduchan Handcraft & Sangzhime Art

Handmade charms, jewellery, accessories, nerdy trinkets and art prints.
Meduchan: Facebook:  Instagram: Etsy

Sangzhime: Facebook:  Instagram:  Deviantart:

Stitch 13

Specializes in anything crafty and fashion also dabbles a little in drawing and painting.

Stuff you don’t need but kinda really want anyway

Here at our humble stall we sell things created by only the highest level jewelers and crafters in the deepest of dragon filled caves (Its ok we feed them). Our specialty being mana and HP bottles , but also art from your favorite games and comics.. its pretty much stuff you dont need but sorta really want anyway.

Attire Dolls

We specialize in both fandom and original pieces of jewelry, accessories, art, and more! Check us out if you’re curious at what we’ve done- we also do commissions and custom orders!

Mogo and Co X Curious Empire

Mogo and Co specialises in geeky fashion accessories for both guys and girls. Our design philosophy is simple, to serve up kawaii culture to everyone for the everyday. Curious Empire Clothing is an indie fashion label that is all about letting your inner geek shine. Our custom designed women’s apparel covers pop culture, gaming, anime and beyond with a broad range of sizes starting at an XS and going up to a 3XL.

The Decora Factory

The Decora Factory brings daily kawaii fashion to your wardrobe with a retro twist!

Creative Beasts

Creative Beasts specialises in custom made fursuit parts! We also sell costumes, cosplay, soft toys and accessories. Everything is hand made and unique.