Impact Comics Festival 2019 – The Comics

The Impact Comics Festival 2019 is more than our 15th anniversary, it’s an amazing marketplace for you to discover your next favourite comic, novel, or book!


The ACT Comic Meet is a Canberra-based community of comics creators. We enjoy reading and making comics, and there are opportunities to meet and draw or chat about comics every month.

Anthony Calvert

Anthony Calvert is a Canberra-born freelance artist who stays up way past his bedtime drawing comics. His most recent work is for The SuperAustralians, a graphic novel featuring Australia’s first public servant superhero.

Big Tim Stiles

Big Tim Stiles is a writer, podcaster, and actor who has worked in the creative arts for over two decades. After four years of writing comic book reviews he dove into writing. Big Tim’s struggles with depression and chronic pain have informed and fuelled his comic book GORILLA MY DREAMS.

Brendan Wright – Author

Brendan is the self-published Canberran author of the Gods and Heroes series, an action packed fantasy series of books.

Cosmic Decay

Courtney Hope is an author who writes horror/sci fi novels. Cosmic Decay Part 2 will be available at the Festival!

Donkey Bonnet

Two original Canberra Created Comics series “Bossman” and “Blood is Thicker”. Bossman is coming of age superhero story filled with quirky jokes and pop culture references. Blood is Thicker is story of a weapons tester who’s personal life begins to interfere with his job.

Edge Comix

Edge Comix is a Brisbane based comics publisher that has been active since 1994. It publishes the anthology comic Groovy Gravy as well as the humour book Tales Too Stupid to Tell and several others

Inkling Comics

I’m a graphic artist and writer working mainly in the sequential art medium. I love visual storytelling, and in particular stories that evoke a strong feeling or sense of emotion. I’ve created and self-published several comics and graphic novels, as well as a body of work satirising pop cultural icons and ideas.

Invisible Ink Studio

Invisible Ink Studio is the business end of artist and writer Daniel A. Becker. Born and raised in New Mexico (USA), he has been living and creating comics and art in Canberra since 2012. His current projects include Master & Apprentice, Tinsuits, and the graphic novel series Polis: The Trial of Socrates. Follow Invisible Ink Studio on Facebook and Instagram, or see more of his work at .

Libraries ACT

Louie Joyce

Louie Joyce is an awards winning illustrator and comics creator based in Wollongong. His work includes Haphaven, Past The Last Mountain, Astral and self published books Hodgepodge and Mishmash. When not drawing he’s probably at the beach digging a giant hole in the sand with his kids.

Octopus and Family

The octopus books are back! You either know what this means, or you need to find out. I promise it won’t be quite like anything you’ve seen before, unless you’ve seen it before, in which case you’ll be wanting to see it again!


Comic-styled zine that features the entertaining exploits of Harvey and Marny who have formed a band and sing songs about peanut butter. All comics are done with pen and pencil.

Phil Hore – Author

International Horror, sci-fi, Prehistoric and science writer that has just returned from two years working in Chicago. My first horror novel was released this year and I have also just appeared in this years issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine.

Picky Comic

I am a local artist who makes original comics. I also sell some fandom stickers and prints, but my passion is in creating my own comics, so stop on by if you’re into it!

Twitter and Insta: @WannabeMarysue

Ryan K Lindsay

Award winning Australian comic writer. Have written ETERNAL and BEAUTIFUL CANVAS for Black Mask Studios, NEGATIVE SPACE for Dark Horse Comics, and a variety of other miniseries and one-shots.

Shane W Smith

Shane W Smith is an Australian graphic novelist who uses genre to explore and uncover some of the deeper meanings of human experience. His books have been shortlisted for awards a total of five times, including the fan-favourite Undad.

Triumviratus, his latest work, is an epic fantasy graphic novel about jealousy, betrayal, and a world brought to its knees by the misadventures of three young people in love.

Shane has a Bachelor degree in Creative Writing, and might be the only person in the world to get a comic published in a refereed academic journal. He lives in Canberra with his wife and four young children.

Siberian Productions

HAYDEN FRYER is a Blue Mountains based (Sydney, Australia) cartoonist, illustrator, writer and founder of the boutique comics publisher, SIBERIAN PRODUCTIONS.

Whatzacdrew comics

Aussie indie comic creator and freelance illustrator based on Wollongong. Currently working on his ongoing series ‘Bronwyn’ and is currently working on a new series called Vivian Jones: Occult Detective.