Meet The Iron Fist

Outside of Marvel Comics fans and the mystical city of K’un Lun, not many people have heard of the IRON FIST…
Until now – from comics to TV and sports, everyone wants to have a fist like unto a thing of iron!

This week Marvel release a brand new comics series that is great for you to jump onto!



Brand new monthly comics series begins Friday 24th of March.
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K’un Lun is in ruins. The chi fueling Danny’s fists is wavering. Is there a future for the Iron Fist? Danny Rand pushes himself to the breaking point, finding fights to prove his worth. But a bigger fight than he can handle may have found him…
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Who is The Iron Fist?

Martial arts films and pop culture reached fever pitch in America in the 1970s and superhero comics were right in the middle of it. In 1974, following in the footsteps of other successful martial arts themed characters Roy Thomas and Gil Kane created IRON FIST. Jointly inspired by kung-fu movies and classic acrobatic vigilante comics, IRON FIST was a new spin on the well worn path of the wealthy orphaned hero – he needed no gadgets, his powers were almost limitless and earned at great cost.

Danny Rand – the son of a wealthy New York entrepreneur – was orphaned on a trip to visit the magical city of K’un Lun. The leaders of K’un Lun rescued and raised Danny, but K’un Lun shifts through dimensions and only appears on Earth occasionally, as magical mystical cities are wont to do. While living in K’un Lun Danny trained in martial arts, he was naturally gifted and driven by the grief of losing his family and even his home world. He channelled his skills and personal rage to surpass all his classmates and sparing partners, eventually earning the right to challenge the dragon Shou-Loao the Undying.

Shou-Lau, being a magical dragon serpent in a mystical dimension shifting city was a special kind of creepy. His heart had been ripped from his body leaving a dragon shaped hole in his empty chest. He kept the fiery heart in his cave and guarded it jealously, as you would. Plunging his hands into the molten heart could grant Danny the power of the IRON FIST, but first he would have to defeat the dragon, naturally. Using cunning and bravery as much as his martial arts training, Danny defeated Shou-Lau, but not before being permanently scarred with the mark of a dragon on his own chest – the mark of the Iron Fist. Upon plunging his hands into the heart of Shou-Lau Danny Rand was granted the power of the IRON FIST- using his mighty chi, he could make his fist like unto a thing of iron!

Years later K’un Lun returned to Earth and Danny Rand was able to return home to claim his legacy as heir of the Rand fortune. But the world is way more messed up than a coddled rich child notices and Danny couldn’t let that go without trying to fix it, one scumbag ninja at a time. So New York got a brand superhero IRON FIST who solved crimes and punished bad guys by punching and kicking things a lot. Who could ask for anything more???!!!


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By now you’ve probably watched all of the new Netflix TV show…

The CANBERRA RAIDERS National Rugby League team will be wearing IRON FIST themed jerseys for Superhero round. [STORY HERE]

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