Science / Fiction – Special event for National Science Week

Is it Fact or Fiction? Impact Comics and Engineers Australia join together to explore if Science and the Arts are really interconnected. Hear from an science-fiction author, scientists and engineers about what is fiction and what is fact.


Many see Science and the Arts as two polar opposites, one dealing in hard evidence based discussion, the other in imagination and emotion, but is this really the case? Science/ Fiction discusses how Science fact influences Science Fiction and how our modern literary works reflect current scientific discovery.

Come and hear award winning novelist, Daniel O’Malley, to discuss the research and science that influenced his award winning book ‘The Rook’ and sequel ‘Stiletto’, and a panel of scientists to discuss their ‘Science fiction’ research that is happening right now, in this town.


Daniel O’Malley – Author & Winner of 2012 Aurealis Award for Best Science Fiction Novel (The Rook is going to be a new international sci-fi TV series in 2018)

Dr David Nisbet – Biomaterials Engineer

Jo Plested –Artificial Intelligence Researcher

Dr Vini Gautam – Nanoscale Scaffolds Scientist

Just for kicks, here’s Good Morning America getting excited about The Rook…

Video: Supernatural thriller ‘The Rook’ to be part of 2018 lineup on Starz

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