Beast Kingdom Mini Egg Attack DISNEY CLASSIC (s8) Figure


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Each sold separately, please check your choice is available. Some of the most celebrated stars of Disney?s animated classics are ready to take over a desk near you

Beast Kingdom?s ?Entertainment Experience Brand? is ready to unleash a set of classic 3-inch mini Egg Attack figurines perfect for any Disney fan of the animated masterpieces of past. Choose from 8 popular characters spanning 5 different movies, or take them all home, the choice is yours!

Getting the ball rolling are the two adorable mischief makers: Chip and Dale, a pair of chipmunks in search of adventure around every corner. From the celebrated Duck Tales show comes Scrooge McDuck himself, the money loving great uncle to Huey, Dewey, and Louie, a trio of brothers always looking for fun. Donald Duck also makes an appearance showing the three young brothers how a real uncle takes care of his nephews.

Next up is the hula wearing, space faring alien: No. 626, Stitch. Careful, whilst he may look cute, he will eat all your coconut cakes if you leave them out! Dumbo, the sweet, flying elephant makes an appearance as well. A fan favourite for decades, he is a mini elephant with a heart of gold! Finally, the little puppet that just wants to be a real boy, Pinocchio is ready to take on his transformation quest. He might tell little, tall tales some of the times, but we have to forgive him as he is such a good-hearted boy!


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