MAKING FRIENDS GN Vol 04 Together Forever


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    No magic. No sketchbook. No friends. Again?! Dany’s magical sketchbook has steered most of her middle-school life so far -it even helped create her best friend, Madison. But now that the sketchbook is gone, and Madison with it, Dany’s back to being a loner. Then one day, Dany tunes in to the new hit TV show My Magical Best Friend, and it’s starring her magical best friend, Madison! The show is clearly based on Dany’s life, and she watches it regularly with a mix of horror and fascination. But lately there’s something else about the show that’s captured her attention: Madison seems to be dropping hints for Dany to come rescue her. With no magical sketchbook at her fingertips, can Dany find a way to save her best friend?

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