MONKEY KING & WORLD OF MYTHS GN Vol 01 Monster and the Maze


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    Percy Jackson meets Dragonball in the first book of this adorable, funny, and action-packed graphic novel series!

    Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, is the mightiest of all beasts. The problem is, he’s tired of being feared and hated and is determined to become a god instead.

    As luck would have it, an ancient evil has returned and is secretly turning everyone into monsters and the gods are in need of a good warrior. They strike a deal with the Monkey King: travel the world and defeat the monsters and they’ll make him a god.

    Soon the Monkey King is off to Greece, where he gets tasked with pet-sitting – and potty-training – a three-headed dog. Oh, and then there’s the whole ‘defeat a man-eating Minotaur’ mission too…

    A colourful graphic novel, filled with mischief, a few pee mishaps and lots of action.

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