NO TOUCHING AT ALL Revised Edition (MR)


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    On the first day of his new job, the shy and introverted Shima suddenly finds himself
    trapped in an elevator with an extremely hungover man, who turns out to be none other
    than his new boss, Togawa. Though Shima is initially put-off by Togawa’s rude and
    shameless behavior, he can’t help but be drawn in by the man’s compassionate side, and
    he soon finds his thoughts are completely consumed by the charismatic man.
    Unfortunately, painful experiences from his past continue to haunt Shima, and ultimately
    prevent him from taking the first step. Even when Togawa makes his feelings for the
    young man blatantly clear, despite also having agonizing memories and an unpleasant
    past of his own, Shima still hesitates to open himself up to the man.
    How will things turn out when a love

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