ASTERIX OMNIBUS SC Vol 07 (19, 20 & 21)


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A special collectors’ edition of three Asterix stories – ASTERIX AND THE SOOTHSAYER, ASTERIX IN CORSICA and ASTERIX AND CAESAR’S GIFT – in one volume.
In this special collector’s edition, books 19 to 21 are brought together in one fabulous volume.
In ASTERIX AND THE SOOTHSAYER, a sinister figure arrives in the Gaulish village. Prolix claims to be a soothsayer and the villagers believe every word he says, but Asterix isn’t convinced…
In ASTERIX IN CORSICA, the Corsican chieftain, Boneywasawarriorwayayix, needs Asterix and Obelix’s help to foil the evil designs of Praetor Perfidius and oppose Julius Caesar’s army.
In ASTERIX AND CAESAR’S GIFT, Legionary Tremensdelirius gets the title deeds to the Gaulish village as a bonus – then swaps them with tavern landlord Orthopaedix for a drink. But Asterix and his friends aren’t keen to hand over their village!


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