The all-new Sensational Wonder Woman series celebrates Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary and the legacy of Diana of Themyscira!

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(W) Stephanie Phillips, Andrea Shea, Colleen Doran & various (A) Meghan Hetrick, Bruno Redondo, Colleen Doran, Maria Laura Sanapo & various (CA) Yasmine Putri

A combination of fan-favorite storytellers and trailblazing fresh voices and artists come together in this reader-friendly, high action series is poised to deliver dynamic, standalone stories that are free of continuity, giving hardcore fans even more Wonder Woman action to love and new fans a fun starting point to enjoy stories and provide a gateway to discovering more about Princess Diana.

During a battle with the villain, Wonder Woman sacrifices herself to stop him, the impact from his psychic blast trapping her in an alternate reality. With the help of guest-star Hawkgirl, Diana must remember who she is before it’s too late. Diana teams up with other allies from the Wonder Woman mythos, such as Cheetah, Steve Trevor, Hippolyta, Wonder Girl and others along the way.

Features writers like Stephanie Phillips, Alyssa Wong, and more paired with great artists such as Meghan Hetrick, Bruno Redondo, Eleonora Carlini and writer/artist Colleen. Celebrating Wonder Woman?’ 80th anniversary, Sensational Wonder Woman explores everything that makes Wonder Woman the sensational hero that she is. 🙂

Collects Sensational Wonder Woman #1-7

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