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(W/A/CA) Hergé


A scared tribal statue has been stolen from the museum! Tintin and Snowy are on the case. But someone is creating phony statues to throw them off, and it looks like Tintin has some statue hunting competition. Following clues, wearing disguises and making narrow escapes, Tintin ends up in the foreign, jungle home of the statue’s tribal descendants. Will Tintin discover the true whereabouts of the real statue before it’s too late?

This Young Readers edition will feature the popular paperback 6″ x 9″ size, similar to today’s leading kids’ Graphic Novels, along with new character bios at the start of each book, so readers can get to know each player in the adventure. This edition includes an in depth guide to the creation of this Tintin adventure, filled with photos and fun Tintin facts – just for kids!

Digest format of the 1943 colourised version plus extra ‘making-of’ content.

Softcover / 96pgs / Full Colour / 8 & up