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(W/A) Christian Godard, Julio Ribera (CA) Julio Ribera 

Axle Munshine is the Vagabond of Limbo.  Axel roams the universe, searching for the woman he met in his dreams, Chimera, who seems to be trapped in a world resembling ours. Forever banished from his world for breaking the Thirteenth Commandment; Thou shalt not cross the threshold of sleep!

In a faraway galaxy, in a whole other world, largely ruled by the Guild… Axle Munshine owns the most extraordinary spaceship in the Universe, the Silver Dolphin, invented by his father, Korian, a genius. The entire crew aboard the vessel are androids. Axle holds a secret belief: dreams are for real – after all, traces of them remain in his memory once awake.

Still desperately looking for Chimera, Axle requests a seer’s help. The clairvoyant leads him to believe she can hear Chimera’s voice coming from planet Earth. She gives Axle her Distors –a large blue caterpillar-type creature that’ll feed on his blood, and in exchange, shall fashion reality to suit his fancy. At first the creature’s power seems to confirm the seer’s tale; but the closer Axle gets to planet Earth, the wilder things get, especially around some famous Hollywood studio where a ditsy blonde actress is learning the part of Chimera for a forthcoming science fiction movie…

This is one of two of the Vagabond of Limbo series to be translated into English.

Book is complete but the glue to this 1981 Italian printing is perishing

Softcover / 52pgs / Mature Themes