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(W) Holly & Matthew Soall (CA) Ignacio de Meglio

The book you hold in your hands (which doubles as a self-defence weapon against the monsters within) is the accumulated research from Year Two of the Weird Crap in Australia Podcast, with easy-to-read sections and reference materials to help on a deep dive of all our topics. Inside this volume you’ll discover why growing up in the 1980s was more akin to living in the world Mad Max than Neighbours, thanks to an abundance of Australian spree killers. Find out why the female is deadlier than the male as we recount the horrific details of the lives of female Australian serial killers.

We’ve included all the monsters, UFOs/UAPs and ghost tales that you’ve come to love – and for the first time, we also delve into the hallmarks of Australian pop culture. Join us in exploring the dark alleys and abduction sites nestled firmly on the little island continent we like to call Australia.

Weird Crap in Australia Vol I is also available now.

Softcover / 451pgs / Prose / 13 & up