From alien abductions and monsters lurking in the Aussie bush to more serial killers than you can throw a stick at, Weird Crap in Australia Vol. I is the only guide book you’ll ever need.

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(W) Holly & Matthew Soall (CA) Ignacio de Meglio

For over two years, researcher Holly Soall and her partner in all things macabre and strange, Matthew Soall, have produced the Weird Crap in Australia podcast. Not wanting their research to disappear into the airwaves, the Aussie duo expanded and expounded on their notes in order to deliver a great companion book with which to understand the strangeness that inhabits the land Down Under.

Weird Crap in Australia Vol. I is a primer on all things strange, obscure and downright scary in Australia. Want to understand the local ghosts? Do you wonder why Australia seems to spawn so many outback serial killers? Or maybe you’re planning to visit all the alien abduction hot spots and want to start with our Aussie aliens? This book has you covered, with easy-to-read sections and reference materials to help you go on a deep dive of all our topics should you choose.

This book is the culmination of research gathered while producing our podcast, Weird Crap in Australia, over the 2018-2019 broadcast year. While there are no directly-comparable books on the market at the moment, as this book is an anthology of the history and events of this continent, it will intrigue the UFO hunter and the true crime buff alike, with a bit of historical stupidity sprinkled in for fun. There are numerous historical anthologies out there, but few that cross interests like this one.

Softcover / 394pgs / Prose / 13 & up

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