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A STANDING ORDER is the best way to make sure you don't miss an issue. We put aside each new issue for you as it arrives.

Standing Orders are orders for monthly ongoing or limited comic book series that stand from one issue to the next. You can start a Standing Order with as little as one regular comic book series.

Standing Orders are NOT for graphic novels, trade paperbacks, collected volumes, manga, collectibles, back issues or variant cover comic issues you'll need to special order them individually - ideally when they are first listed in PREVIEWS, contact our staff for more details.

Comics titles are ordered months in advance so shortages may occur if you order close to the release date. In the case of shortages we'll do our best to look after all standing orders with reorders as soon as possible.

  • Each new issue of your Standing Order titles will be reserved for you as they arrive.
  • You will get a 10% discount off the regular shelf price for titles that you have on your standing order.
  • You can add or remove titles at any time, allow a couple of days to process changes.
  • Pick Up Standing Orders must be entirely collected and paid for at least once a month. (We will NOT contact you to let you know your Standing Order comics have arrived, but you can contact us to ask what has arrived. Or subscribe to our weekly or monthly email newsletter to see what new issues we are expecting each week.) If we find your order has been abandoned we will attempt to contact you. If we can't contact you or you are unable to collect your entire order we may suspend or cancel your standing order and return your reserved issues to stock.
  • Home Delivered Standing Orders will be automatically mailed once every five weeks (10 times a year) and must have pre-paid credit or a stored credit card so orders can be processed quickly.