Peter X.

cool store. very helpful & friendly staff.

Clarence D.

Great collection of the latest comics with friendly staff. I also love how organized their shelves are. They also stock a decent amount of niche titles, such as pre-code compilations and art study books.

Josh G

Never a bad experience, with friendly staff and good reccomendations, go to impact comics! One shout out to one lady I see there every so often with dark hair iirc. Went absolutely above and beyond helping me check out if a book was suitable for minors. She spent quite a bit looking everywhere in the internet, and helped me make the best decision.


just wonderful

Ayalin H

Love the Store. Love Gammacon. Love their involvement. Great store.. A must to get Christmas presents when you have that “hard to get” family member. Trust me – brilliant store.

Bunky B

Super friendly and helpful staff

Olivia F.


Great selection of comics, manga and collectibles

Geoff A.


Best pop culture store around! Tons of comic books, graphic novels and merch galore.

Anthony B.


Staff are always friendly and helpful. Huge range of comics and collectables.