Timothy Q.

I’ve been buying comics off the guys since they where at Impact records. they always have the best selection of comics and trade paperbacks, and on top of that if they don’t have it in the order it in for you.

Tim S.

Great store with awesome staff happy to help and answer questions. They love comics and love Canberra. They’re very supportive of independant and local creators too. get down there and get ready to fall in love with the customer service and comic book nerdery!

Ammianus M.

Great place to find a huge range of comics

Thorsten G.

Very nice contact, fast and safe shipping, book in best condition and the best: I really shot a bargain and saved a lot of money. Thank you very much!!!!

Gabriel P.

I love this store so much! The staff are amazing, friendly and very knowledgeable! The atmosphere is welcoming to everybody and since my time living in Canberra I don’t go anywhere else for my trade paperbacks or graphic novels~

Tim H.

Great local comics shop. If I still lived in Canberra I’d still be there all the time!

Matthew W.

Love this shop! The staff are super friendly and always able to help when I’m looking for something new to read or looking for a good place to start to learn about a character I’m interested in.

Wayne D.

I can’t believe I randomly walked into this store and found the new issue CARtoons magazine that I used to get back in the 1970-80’s. Now I have a standing order so will never miss an issue. Staff are great, range is huge. Thanks Katee for your help.

Belinda A.

My fave shop ever. Range is great, staff are brilliant and certainly are excellent at remembering what each customer comes in for! My order is normally out and ready before I can walk the three steps from the door to the counter.

Everything about IC makes you feel welcomed and in safe hands. Staff are also great at recommending stuff based on what you like already. 5/5, love your work IC!

Lorraine F.

These guys are amazing. Standing order process is the best. Thank you for knowing everything about my favorite comics and helping me to know what I needed to get and understanding my excitement.