The future…

It’s been quite the year so far hasn’t it?

Here’s an update of what is happening going forward. Please remember, things are changing quickly, some of this will change with little notice.

1. We are Open. We made a mistake earlier announcing we were closing, we are still open. Of course, that can change quickly, so stay tuned.

2. We are still receiving new stock. As we’ve mentioned before, we deal with many different distributors for our graphic novels and manga. Most of those supplies are continuing going forward.

3. Traditional floppy comics finish this week. Diamond Comics Distribution have made the difficult decision that shipment arriving Friday 27th of March 2020 of traditional pamphlet comics will be the last for now. This will affect all US pamphlet comics, and some of the graphic novels. This also means any restocks or backorders coming through this supplier will now not be available. When and if this changes we will let you know.


Is Impact Comics Closing?
No. See point 1.

Does this mean you’ll have no new stock?
No. See point 2. Any product that is still in print and being distributed, we’ll do our best to find a supplier if we don’t already have one. and we’ll have it in store and we are trying to get as much of it as possible on our website too.

What happens to my standing order?
If you have comics waiting for you, they are still here. If there are comics in the shipment arriving 27th of March, they will be held for you. We won’t cancel anyone’s standing orders for late pick-up at this stage, but please note, prices do increase on 1st of April 2020, so please collect your comics before then to get the best prices. If we are forced to close the shop, there might end up being a postage cost to get your comics sent out.

What about automatic mail order customers?
If you are a mail order customer, the next delivery will be the last until further notice. It will be charged at the current pricing.

What about orders for graphic novels or manga?
As stated above, we have lots of different suppliers for a lot of these items. We’ll keep stocking them and filling orders as long as they are made available to us.

What about other fun stuff like Pops and statues?
We source most of those from other suppliers who are currently still trading, so they will still be available to us and you also.

We are still working everything out, please let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll do our best to get back to you.

Our opening times are shorter, check the box on our front page for the latest updates to our opening times.

Come in and see us (but please mantain appropriate personal distance. Or call us on 0262487335 or email us at

Hey, one more thing, this last couple of weeks has proved to us that we have the most amazing customers anyone could ask for. Thanks for being awesome, let’s evolve the comics market into something amazing and share it with the next generation.