Upcoming – March 2022

We receive new comics, manga, graphic novels, and more every single week!

But we need to order them in advance, so the publishers know how many to print.
So, every month, we get catalogues for upcoming titles in advance. And that’s the best time for you to tell us you want to get a comic, so we know to order enough to cover your order!

So check out the catalogues linked below and let us know if you want to collect a monthly series, or pre-order a particular volume!

The January 2022 catalogue has comics and more that are due for release in March 2022 and beyond.
Get your orders in by 18th of January to make sure your order is included when we finalise the orders.


Comic books, “floppies.” These are comics that come out on a regular schedule (usually monthly.) So you don’t need to order each monthly issue to collect a series, we offer a STANDING ORDER service. Just add a series to your standing order, and each future issue will be ordered and reserved for you. Set up your standing order HERE>>

The comics are listed across a few different catalogs

DC Comics catalog (PDF)
Marvel Comics Catalog
All the other publishers


Graphic novels, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, special editions. Sometimes these are collections of previously serialised comic books, sometimes these are printed editions of digital comics, or they might be original graphic novels that have never existed in another format. They might be stand alone volumes, or they might be part of a series. We prefer you order each of these individually, even if they are part of a series. To place an order, just let us know HERE>>

DC Comics catalog (PDF)
Marvel Comics Catalog
All the other publishers


We stock comics that were originally published in Japanese (and Korean and a few other languages) that are now being printed in English volumes. Most of them are in the original Japanese tankebon format. Order by contacting us HERE>>

Dark Horse Comics
Kodansha Comics