Welcome to the Future

In 1985 one of the most successful science fiction films of all time captured the hearts and minds of a generation. That film ended with a tease for the sequel, with the heroes headed for the future, 21st October, 2015. Today is the future Marty McFly and Doc Brown flew to, and we’ve finally got our hoverboards!… What? Why not?!

Well, to be fair In Back to the Future II they are due to arrive mid afternoon in the US, so Australia is a bit ahead of their arrival, but I don’t think we’ve got our hoverboards yet.


We do have a campaign to SAVE THE CLOCK TOWER…

It’s a bit bigger and in London… but you get the idea.

Big Ben clock would cost £29m to fully refurbish, says report


We were supposed to be getting excited for the impending release of JAWS 19…

Instead we get STAR WARS 7, which is probably a good thing, but would have picked that?


Everyone is waiting eagerly for an announcement of self lacing Nikes.

Is the Nike Mag Coming? This Could Be a Major Sign That It Is – SneakerNews.com

As we near closer and closer to the date of when Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to the year 2015 in Back to The Future Part II-October 21-we continue to wait for any sign that the Nike Mag will … Continue reading →

A Canadian bloke claims to have developed a hoverboard… Canadian inventor tests new prototype of record-setting hoverboard

But we all know that real hoverboards DON’T work on water, so…