What’s Your Image? – find out with these discounted volumes

Image Comics has developed into one of the most diverse comics publishers in the world, producing bestsellers and award winners again and again. Image Comics try to make it easy for you to try new series with discounted first volumes on many series. Now, we’re helping even further by discounting these volumes for the month of April so their Australian price is the same as the US price!

Image Comics was founded in the 1990s when a handful of superstar comics artists stormed into the Marvel offices and demanded a bigger piece of the pie or they’d walk… Guess what happened.

The company that was created when they walked launched massive selling books at the height of the market and instantly became a major player. The best known comic that still survives from that launch is SPAWN.

Then years later they published a little black and white zombie book after the writer lied and said it was about an alien invasion… That book was The Walking Dead.

Then the writer behind Marvel’s Runaways brought his space opera SAGA, and it became a monster hit.

And that’s really only a tiny sprinkling of the amazing things that have been produced.

Image Comics, the company, only owns the Image logo. Every comics series and it characters and rights belong to the creators. When you read an Image book, you are getting a book that an artist hasn’t compromised on, and there is no corporate interference. Get these comics now for this price, or kick yourself later!