Wolverine Comics you should read before you see LOGAN

Now that the trailer has dropped for LOGAN, Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine film, we are starting to get an idea of what exciting Wolverine comics they are drawing from. There are HEAPS of good Wolverine comics,┬ábut we’ve put together a list of the ones we think you should read before seeing LOGAN…

But first, let’s watch that trailer again…

This movie is NOT gonna be kid friendly, and some of these comics aren’t either. If you have a young one that wants to watch this, go and watch one of the cartoons instead, they are quite good!

There will likely be things in the descriptions of these stories that turn out to be spoilers for the movie, that’s what happens when you make adaptations!

We’ve put this list together as fast as we could, and are ordering bulk loads of these books, but they are selling out fast, so get in early, and if we’ve sold out, reserve a copy!

If you’d like to reserve a copy of any of these books, please get in CONTACT

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