Order now for June/July 2020 and later!

New comics will start shipping soon, and we are getting ready!
We’ve already placed orders for items that will be arriving over the next month or so, they were listed in the February and March catalogs!
There is often a chance to tweak some titles a few weeks before release day keep an eye on the weekly list HERE>>

But, now we are placing orders from the APRIL Catalog, for release in June and July and beyond. If you want anything from this catalog, please get your orders in by 18th of May!

Read more Order now for June/July 2020 and later!

Learn About Comics with short courses by Comics Experience

Learn About Comics with short courses by Comics Experience

The fine folks at Comics Experience have assembled a bunch of fun short online tutorials for about the price of a coffee each.

Great if you want to know more about the history of comics or techniques from some of the greats. Whether you are studying comics history or making them, inking, storytelling or launching a fundraiser, or looking for tips on how to talk to professionals to pitch your idea, Comics Experience has something for you.

And if you access any of them through our link here, thanks to their Retailer Relief program, we’ll earn a few bucks back for sending you there.

So use your downtime to learn something about the medium you already love. (prices are in $US)

Back Issue List 14 April 2020

Back Issue List 14 April 2020

Sitting at home, wishing you could be rummaging through long boxes looking for that missing back issue?

We hear ya, and we’ve got your fix.

We’ve got our computer to dump out a list of all of our in stock back issues… In theory… digging in back issues in a shop isn’t an exact science, things aren’t always put back where they belong. Also, some of our back issue listings weren’t optimised for sharing like this, so you might see issues from different runs with nothing in the title to tell them apart.

It’s over 11,000 issues, we’ve provided it here in an excel document you can download and search through.

To help you check it’s the issue you are after, we’ve provided an automatically generated link to the Diamond Comics online catalog (it should work for most of them)

  1. Download the excel file to your computer
  2. Choose the back issues you are after (include the item codes)
  3. Email us your list
  4. We’ll dig them out for you and email back with a quote including postage and a payment link
  5. Kick back and watch Tiger King as your comics get delivered to you.

WonderCon Funko Pops are here!

WonderCon Funko Pops are here!

The worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 means that comic conventions are all getting cancelled!

But that doesn’t mean the the exclusive product necessarily gets stopped!

In honour of WonderCon Anaheim virtual convention happening this Easter weekend, we’ve got the exclusive range of WonderCon Funko Pops!

But stocks are limited!