Impact Comics – Canberra, Australia

Australia Burns – Bushfires Benefit Comics Anthology

Over 24 comics creators from around the world have teamed up to put together a comics anthology to raise funds for bushfire related charities.
There will be tears and cheers, heroes, and tragic loss, true stories and fantastic fiction, and cute animals.
All artists have donated their work for free, all profits go to bushfire recovery related charities.
Support bushfire victims, and enjoy comics.

I have a toygasm when I walk in and want everything.

Dana L.

These fine people always seem to have the correct answers to my (sometimes really esoteric) questions. I’m a big fan. I tend to swing past whenever I am in town.

Matthew C.

Never a bad experience, with friendly staff and good reccomendations, go to impact comics! One shout out to one lady I see there every so often with dark hair iirc. Went absolutely above and beyond helping me check out if

Josh G