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    A STANDING ORDER is the best way to make sure you don’t miss an issue. We put aside each new issue for you as it arrives.

    Standing Orders are orders for monthly ongoing or limited comic book series that stand from one issue to the next. You can start a Standing Order with as little as one regular comic book series.

    Standing Orders are NOT for graphic novels, trade paperbacks, collected volumes, manga, collectibles, back issues or variant cover comic issues you’ll need to special order them individually – ideally when they are first listed in PREVIEWS, contact our staff for more details.

    Comics titles are ordered months in advance so shortages may occur if you order less than one month before the release date. In the case of shortages we’ll do our best to look after all standing orders with reorders as soon as possible.

    Online Orders

    If you’ve made a purchase through our online shop you will be charged at the time of purchase.
    Your order will be mailed out on the Monday following confirmation that we have your entire order ready.

    Standing Orders
    If you have an automatic postal Standing Order, you will get charged when your comics are processed for mailing out.
    Once every 5 weeks (so that’s ten times a year) we’ll check your order, securely package up whatever is aside for you and calculate your total plus postage.
    Then we’ll process the payment either through your stored credit card details or your pre-purchased store credit. We won’t give you a heads up before attempting the processing, so please mark your calendar 5 weeks after your latest order and make sure your credit card or pre-paid credit is all loaded up.

    Standing Order comics prices are 10% off the regular shelf price!

    Postage prices:
    If you have 1-3 comics ready to go you’ll get them securely bound in a cardboard sleeve inside a large envelope for $5.00
    If you have 4 or more comics, or your order has extra items like graphic novels etc, it will get boxed up in ‘bullet-proof’* packaging with tracking for $12.99
    Some bulky and heavy items will have extra postage costs which will show up at check out.
    International orders need their freight calculated, please get in contact

    *we’ve never checked the packaging against bullets… But it is really strong packaging.

    How much will my Standing Order cost?

    Standing Orders attract a 10% discount off the regular shelf price.

    Most of our comics are imported from the US and are marked and advertised with prices in $US.
    You can see the online catalog of upcoming US comics [HERE]

    We have a handy conversion table:

    $US cover priceImpact Shelf Price $AUStanding Order Price $AU

    (prices updated 1 December 2022)