Pay an invoice!
Pre-pay for your comics!
Give someone a gift!

Use this to make a payment for an order or load value onto your account for future comics.
Include your reference (or what the payment is for) in the comment section at checkout.



    Pay an invoice!

    Use this to make a payment for an order that you have arranged offline with the imps.

    If you’ve got a postal standing order you can use this to load some value so that your comics get mailed out without delay!
    This is perfect for giving a subscription as a gift!

    Make sure we know how to assign the value when we get it, be sure that you’ve spoken to the imps before making a payment.

    *Please note, as this is can be used for a pre-payment, no GST is reported now, it will be calculated, reported and included on your invoice when the comics are mailed out if it applies.