Curl up with a graphic novel

In case you haven’t noticed, winter is no longer coming…


Stay Warm

Our friends at the Canberra Times published a lovely article about some fine places you can warm yourself in front of the fire…

7 venues with fireplaces in Canberra to keep warm this winter

While it’s easy to use the cooler weather as an excuse to load up the Netflix queue and hibernate, be lured out into the cold by the gentle crackle of an open fireplace. Here are seven Canberra venues with fireplaces worth fighting for a spot in front of.

Cuddle up to your brain cells

Good food and wine will only get you so far.
What you really need in front of that fire is a fine graphic novel or three.

The lovely folks at Diamond Comics have put together a great (though, not exhaustive) little guide to graphic novels that are currently in print.
of course, being Americans they think it’s summer, and the prices they quote are in US Dollars, but you get the idea.

Graphic Novels Guide Summer 2017

Lying on the beach, long trip in the car-what’s the perfect companion? A graphic novel or trade paperback that can transport you to places beyond your imagination! Find a good graphic novel to read this summer with PREVIEWS full color catalog chronicling the best books for Summer 2017.

So, light the fire, get your snuggy on, and let us know which graphic novels you need (get a good stack so you don’t need to move for a while)