Beautiful Canvas – Canberra’s Ryan K Lindsay writes another dark thriller with heart

Comic scribe Ryan K Lindsay loves to craft a dark tale that stretches your comfort zones and examines unusual corners of human emotions. BEAUTIFUL CANVAS is Ryan at his best, and darkest.

Beautiful Canvas #1 Cover A
Beautiful Canvas #1 Cover A


New monthly comics mini series starts in June 2017
(will be shipping with two covers, if you want both, order early so you don’t miss out!)

Lon Eisley is a hitwoman hired to kill a small child a few days after discovering her girlfriend pregnant. In a bold declaration of uncertainty, she saves the boy and hits the road, despite the fact her boss clearly wanted him dead for a reason.

This warped crime dystopia delves into the emotional dichotomy of creator/destroyer as Lon tries to connect the two very different worlds she now inhabits.

From Sami Kivela (Chum) & Canberra’s Ryan K Lindsay (Negative Space, DC Writers Workshop) comes a gonzo tale of personal discovery, animal/hybrid hit troupes, and reactive pyrokinesis.

Beautiful Canvas #1 Cover B
Beautiful Canvas #1 Cover B

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