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Coming in April 2024

Every week we get a big shipment of new comics (usually on Friday!) Check out our latest shipments here>>
But we start placing orders 3 months in advance. The below titles are available to pre-order right now!

The following catalogues list comics and more that are due for release in April 2024 and beyond.
Get your orders in by 18th of February to make sure your order is included when we finalise the orders.

The Catalogs

Upcoming comics, graphic novels, and manga are listed across a few different catalogs.
Further down, we’ve broken out single issues and manga lists, but if you want the full catalogs (especially if you want variant covers), check these out…

New Comics Series

We’ve got a list here of new series starting soon. Some will be mini series, some will be one-shots, some will be ongoing!
If you’d like to collect any of these titles, add them to your STANDING ORDER>

Variant Cover Comics

Many monthly comics come with a choice of variant covers, the same comic inside, but a different, sometimes rare, cover on the outside. Your standing order will only get you the A cover.

To check out what covers are on offer, click the links to the catalogs at the top of this page.

If you want to collect other covers, you’ll need to GET IN CONTACT

Graphic Novels and manga

The catalog links above have searchable lists for manga, graphic novels and trade paperbacks. GET IN CONTACT now if you would like to make sure a copy is waiting for you on new release day!