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Coming in December 2023 order now!

Every week we get a big shipment of new comics (usually on Friday!) Check out our latest shipments here>>
But we need to order those comics well in advance! Every month publishers and distributors issue catalogs of comics about 3 months before they are released.
When something is listed in the catalog is the perfect time to order a comic or graphic novel or manga so you don’t miss out!

The following catalogues list comics and more that are due for release in December 2023 and beyond.
Get your orders in by 18th of October to make sure your order is included when we finalise the orders.

The Catalogs

Upcoming comics, graphic novels, and manga are listed across a few different catalogs.
Further down, we’ve broken out single issues and manga lists, but if you want the full catalogs (especially if you want variant covers), check these out…

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New Comics Series

These comics are monthly comics series due to start soon.
If you’d like to collect any of these titles, add them to your STANDING ORDER>

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Boom Studios!More Info
Animal Pound #1 (Of 4) Cvr A Gross (MR)>
Book Of Butcher #1 Cvr A Mora>
MMPR TMNT II B&W Ed #1 Cvr A Mora>
Orcs The Gift #1 (Of 4) Cvr A Larsen>
Stuff Of Nightmares Slay Ride #1 Cvr A Francavilla>
Underheist #1 (Of 5) Cvr A Lapham>
Dark Horse ComicsMore Info
Assassins Apprentice II #1 Cvr A Steinbauer>
Borealis #1>
Critical Role Tales Of Exandria II Artagan #1>
Hellboy Winter Special Yule Cat Oneshot #1 Cvr A Smith>
Masterpiece #1 Cvr A Maleev>
Time Traveler Tales #1>
DC ComicsMore Info
Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries (2024) #1>
Kneel Before Zod #1 (Of 12) Cvr A Jason Shawn Alexander>
Image ComicsMore Info
Duke #1 (Of 5) Cvr A Reilly>
Adventureman Ghost Lights #1 Cvr A Dodson>
Bloodrik #1 (Of 3) (MR)>
Bloody Dozen Shrouded College #1 (Of 6) Cvr A Sliney>
Our Bones Dust #1 (Of 4) Cvr A Stenbeck>
Marvel ComicsMore Info
Vengeance Of The Moon Knight #1>
Daredevil Gang War #1>
Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu Gang War #1>
Fall Of The House Of X #1>
Return To The Planet Of The Apes #1>
Miguel Ohara Spider-Man 2099 #1>
Rise Of The Powers Of X #1>
Ultimate Spider-Man #1>
Avengers Twilight #1>
Resurrection Of Magneto #1>
Other PublishersMore Info
Jennifer Blood Battle Diary #1 Cvr A Linsner (MR)>
Gumaa Beginning Of Her #1 (Of 7) Cvr A Jeehyung (MR)>
Life Is Strange Forget Me Not #1 (Of 4) Cvr A Lotay (MR)>
Quested Vol 2 #1 Cvr A Jacinto>
Washed In The Blood #1 (Of 3) Cvr A Corona (MR)>
Ozuna Bori 787 #1 (Of 5) Cvr A Frenda (MR)>
Godzilla Rivals Jet Jaguar Vs Megalon Oneshot #1 Cvr A Huang>
My Little Pony Best Of Fluttershy #1>
X-O Manowar Unconquered Prestige Ed #1 (Of 2)>
Ninjak Superkillers #1>
Machine Girl & Space Hell Engels #1 Cvr A Andolfo>
Silent Night Deadly Night Killer Santa #1 Cvr A Martinez (MR>
Scary Christmas Iv Cvr A Calzada (MR)>
Distemper #1 (Of 3) Cvr A Nenad Cviticanin>
Planetary Expansion #1 (Of 8) (MR)>
Blasfamous #1 Cvr A Andolfo>
Spellweaver #1 Cvr A Robert Ahmad>
Skeeters #1 (Of 4)>
Charred Remains #1 Cvr A Maan House (MR)>
Invasive #1 Cvr A Hervas (MR)>
Rick & Morty Presents Rick In A Box #1 Cvr A Cannon (MR)>
Blood Run #1 Cvr A Stefano Cardoselli>
Maze Agency #1 Cvr A Silvano Beltramo>
Total Party Killer #1>
Thirteen Origins The Wake #1 Cvr A Charlene Bowles>
Street Fighter Masters: Kimberly #1 Cvr A Genzoman>

Graphic Novels

These are titles due for release in the coming months. GET IN CONTACT now if you would like to make sure a copy is waiting for you on new release day!

⬇️ CLICK HERE for upcoming graphic novels
Boom Studios!More info
Grim TP Vol 03>
Something Is Killing The Children TP Vol 07>
Dune House Harkonnen HC Vol 02>
Giant Days Library Ed HC Vol 07>
Power Rangers Archive Dlx Ed HC Book 01>
Dark HorseMore info
Art Of Dead Island 2 HC>
Art Of Super7 HC>
Art Of System Shock HC>
Blood Oath TP>
Cat Gamer TP Vol 04>
Den HC Vol 03 Children Of Fire (MR)>
Ec Archives Vault Of Horror TP>
Eerie Archives TP Vol 04>
Hellsing Dlx Ed TP Vol 04 (MR)>
Lonesome Hunters Wolf Child TP>
Moebius Library Major HC>
Murder Inc TP Vol 03 Jagger Rose>
Plants Vs Zombies HC Zapped>
Retroverse TP>
Shook A Black Horror Anthology TP>
Takio TP>
Vampire Hunter D TP Vol 30 Gold Fiend Pt 1&2>
DC ComicsMore info
Absolute Superman By Geoff Johns & Gary Frank HC>
Batman Detective Comics (2021) TP 03 Arkham Rising>
Batman Detective Comics (2022) HC 02 Gotham Nocturne Ai>
Batman Justice Buster TP Vol 02>
Batman Urban Legends TP 06>
Creature Commandos Pres Frankenstein Agent Shade TP Book 01>
Flash (Rebirth) TP 19 The One-Minute War>
Fourth World Omnibus HC 02>
Icon Vs Hardware HC>
Joker One Operation Joker TP Vol 03>
Knight Terrors Dark Knightmares HC>
Knight Terrors HC>
Knight Terrors Knightmare League HC>
Milestone Compendium TP 03>
Monkey Prince TP 01 Enter The Monkey>
Nubia Queen Of The Amazons TP>
Peacemaker Tries Hard HC (MR)>
Static Shadows Of Dakota HC>
Superman Vs Meshi TP Vol 03>
Image ComicsMore Info
Astro City Opus Ed HC Vol 01>
Big Game TP (MR)>
Curse Words Hole Damn Compendium TP>
Fear Agent 20th Annv Dlx Ed HC Vol 01 Cvr A Moore>
Fear Agent 20th Annv Dlx Ed HC Vol 01 Cvr B Opena>
Fear Agent 20th Annv Dlx Ed HC Vol 02 Cvr A Moore>
Fear Agent 20th Annv Dlx Ed HC Vol 02 Cvr B Opena>
Gunslinger Spawn TP Vol 03>
Hey Kids Comics TP Vol 03 Schlock Of The New (MR)>
Immortal Sergeant TP>
Life House HC>
Life House HC Slipcase Ed>
Loaded Bible TP Vol 02 Blood Of My Blood (MR)>
Rat Queens Omnibus HC (MR)>
Stoneheart TP Vol 01>
Where The Body Was HC>
Marvel ComicsMore Info
Amazing Spider-Man By Spencer Omnibus HC Vol 02 (Res)>
Amazing Spider-Man By Spencer Omnibus HC Vol 02 Adams Dm Var>
Amazing Spider-Man By Spencer Omnibus HC Vol 02 Gleason Dm (>
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection TP Vol #27 The Clone Saga>
Avengers Beyond TP>
Captain America Epic Collect TP Vol #21 Twilights Last Gleam>
Captain America Omnibus HC Vol 01 New Ptg Dm Var>
Captain America Omnibus HC Vol 01 New Ptg Var>
Captain Britain By Betsy Braddock TP>
Captain Marvel Dark Tempest TP>
Cult Of Carnage TP Misery>
Daredevil By Frank Miller Omnibus Companion HC New Ptg>
Daredevil By Frank Miller Omnibus Companion HC New Ptg Dm>
Dark Avengers Modern Era Epic Collect TP Vol 01 Osborns Reig>
Incredible Hulk TP Vol 01 Age Of Monsters>
Luke Cage Epic Collect TP Vol #2 The Fire This Time>
Magneto TP Magneto Was Right>
Marvel Studios Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 Art Of Movie HC>
Marvel Two-In-One Epic Collect TP Vol#2 Two Against Hydra>
Marvel Unleashed TP>
Marvel Verse Miles Morales Spider-Man TP>
Micronauts Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol 01 Cockrum>
Micronauts Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol 01 Ditko Dm>
Micronauts Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol 01 Golden Dm>
Micronauts Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol 01 Guice Dm>
Mmw Captain America HC Vol 16>
Mmw Captain America HC Vol 16 Dm Var>
New Mutants Lethal Legion TP>
Red Goblin TP Vol 02 Nature Nurture>
Sabretooth And The Exiles TP>
Scarlet Witch By Steve Orlando TP Vol 02 Magnum Opus>
Siege TP New Ptg>
Spider-Man India TP Seva>
Spider-Verse Across The Multiverse TP>
Spider-Woman By Pacheco Perez TP>
Star Wars By Gillen Pak Omnibus HC>
Star Wars By Gillen Pak Omnibus HC Dm Var>
Star Wars Legends Epic Collect TP The Menace Revealed Vol 04>
Star Wars Legends The Rebellion Omnibus HC Vol 02>
Star Wars Legends The Rebellion Omnibus HC Vol 02 Dm Var>
Strange Academy Year Two TP>
Thor By Walter Simonson Omnibus HC New Ptg>
Thor By Walter Simonson Omnibus HC New Ptg Dm Var>
Venom By Al Ewing Ram V TP Vol 05 Predestination>
Venom Lethal Protector Life And Deaths TP>
Wolverine By Benjamin Percy HC Vol 03 Dm Var>
X-Men 2099 Omnibus HC (Res)>
X-Men 2099 Omnibus HC Dm Var (Res)>
X-Men Days Of Future Past TP Doomsday>
X-Men Hellfire Gala TP Fall Of X>
Titan ComicsMore info
Life Is Strange Year Two Box Set HC>
Cold Ever After GN>
Sea Of Thieves Origins GN Vol 01>
Robotech Rick Hunter TP Reg Ed>
Robotech Rick Hunter Dm Ed>
Tengen Hero Wars GN>
Other PublishersMore Info
Zombie Makeout Club GN Vol 02 (MR)>
The Awl GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Traveling To Mars TP (MR)>
Gannibal GN Vol 02 (MR)>
Terror Man GN Vol 02 (MR)>
Get Schooled GN Vol 02 (MR)>
Bill & Ted Holi Daze TP>
My Little Pony 40th Annv Dlx Ed>
My Little Pony Vol 03 Cookies Conundrums & Crafts>
Johnny Boo HC Vol 14 Is Bored Bored Bored>
Jade Warriors Zettai No Edition>
Jade Warriors Zettai No Signed & Numbered Edition>
Mighty Marvel Team-Up Quantum Quest>
Eternal Warrior Classic Omnibus HC Vol 01>
Book Of Shadows HC>
Night Of The Living Dead Complete Collection TP>
Punchline TP Vol 03 Daughters Of Hercules>
Archies Pep Comics TP>
Michael Turner Creations HC Lenticular Slipcase Exc>
Executive Assistant Assassins TP Vol 01 Life After Death (O/>
Shrugged TP Vol 01 A Little Perspective>
Holiday Spirits GN>
Under The Floorboards GN>
Black Sands Seven Kingdoms GN Vol 04>
Lions Game GN Vol 01 Masters Of Mali>
Madagascar GN Vol 01 Rise Of The Queen>
Masks Of The Orisha GN Vol 01>
Monarchs GN Vol 01>
Monarchs GN Vol 02>
Monarchs GN Vol 03>
Monarchs GN Vol 04>
Crestar Knight Stallion Devils Knight GN>
Crestar & Knight Stallion Legend Begins TP>
Fiery Arrow GN>
Fortune Of Winczlavs GN Vol 03 Danitza 1965>
Break GN>
Break HC GN>
Sparkle Dragons GN Vol 02 One Horn To Rule Them All>
Complete Dick Tracy HC Vol 05 1937-1938>
Complete Dick Tracy HC Vol 06 1938-1939>
Gray HC Vol 02 (Res)>
Roachmill TP>
Curses GN (MR)>
Zagor The Scepter Of Tin Hinan GN>
Watson And Holmes Scandal In Harlem TP>
Photonik Man Of Light TP (O/A)>
Terra Antarctica GN>
Walt Disney Silly Symphonies HC 1935-1939>
Disney Masters HC Vol 23 Scarpa Mickey Mouse Brigaboom>
Disney Masters HC Vol 08 Scarpa Barks Donald Duck Avenger (M>
Disney Masters HC Vol 05 Scarpa Mickey Mouse Phantom Blot (A>
Disney Masters HC Vol 01 Scarpa Mickey Mouse Delta Dimension>
Complete Crepax HC Vol 08 Erotic Stories Part Ii>
Ec Reed Crandall Bitter End & Other Stories HC>
Ec Reed Crandall & Feldstein High Cost Of Dying HC>
Milky Way HC>
Frank Johnson Secret Pioneer Of American Comics TP Vol 01 (C>
Homicide GN Part 02>
Buzzelli Collected Works TP Vol 01 The Labyrinth>
Five Nights At Freddys GN Coll Vol 04 Fazbear Frights>
Spider Ham Pig In Time GN (Res)>
Sandman Gallery Variant Ed HC (MR)>
Sandman Overture Gallery Variant Edition (MR)>
Engagers TP (Res)>
Walt Kelly Peter Wheat Comp Series TP Vol 02 (Res)>
Frankenbabe GN (MR)>
Through Clouds Of Smoke Freuds Final Days GN>
Guardians Of Horsa GN Vol 04 Fire Oath (Res)>
Voyage De Gourmet GN>
Monomyth TP>
Alley Oop Back To The Million Dollar Nugget TP>
Alley Oop Complete Sunday HC Vol 04 World War Ii 1942-1944 (>
Marvel Beginnings I Love You 3000 Board Book>
Zombillenium Double HC Vol 5 & 6 (MR)>
Zombillenium Double HC Vol 3 & 4 (MR)>
Zombillenium Double HC Vol 1 & 2 Gretchen Human Resources (O>
Kaijumax Deluxe Ed HC Vol 03 (MR)>
Rick And Morty Space Shake Saga TP Part 01 (MR)>
Mika And The Gurler HC>
Children Of The Phoenix GN Vol 01 Eye Of The Storm>
Digital Lizards Of Doom GN Vol 01 Level 1 Dizzy Doom>
Geronimo Stilton Reporter HC Vol 15 Clean Sweep>
Geronimo Stilton Reporter 3in1 GN Vol 03>
Magnum Opus GN (MR)>
Pre Code Classics Ghost Rider HC Vol 02>
Pre Code Classics Ghost Rider Slipcase Ed Vol 02>
Pre Code Classics The Hawk Softee Vol 01>
Pre Code Classics Web Of Mystery Softee>
Ps Artbook Captain Midnight Softee>
Ps Artbook Speed Comics Softee Vol 01>
Ps Artbooks Classics Horror Comics HC Vol 06>
Ps Artbooks Classics Horror Comics Slipcase Ed Vol 06>
Ps Artbooks Horror Monsters Magazine #1>
Silver Age Classics Gorgo Softee Vol 04>
Mayor Good Boy Turns Bad HC>
Tasty GN>
Garfield Fully Caffeinated GN>
Nemesis The Warlock Definitive Ed TP Vol 01>
Fiends Of The Eastern Front Omnibus TP (MR)>
The Helltrekkers TP>
Bad Kitty Makes A Movie GN>
Nexus Newspaper Strips TP Oversized Ed Coming Of Gourmando>
Nexus Newspaper Strips Coming Of Gourmando Dlx HC>
Nexus Newspaper Strips Coming Of Gourmando Ltd Sgn Dlx Ed>
American Chop Suey GN>
Code 45 TP>
Kitsune TP>
Quarry TP>
Redshift TP>
Comical Eyes British Monarchy Alfred Great To Charles Iii (R>
Comics And Modernism History Form & Culture Sc>
Ghost Roast GN>
Ghost Roast HC GN>
Cursed Princess Club GN Vol 03>
Cursed Princess Club HC GN Vol 03>
Lumine GN Vol 01>
Lumine HC GN Vol 01>
Dee Snider Hes Not Gonna Take It (MR)>
Gorillaz Art Book HC (Res)>
Illenium Presents Starfall HC (MR)>


These are titles due for release in the coming months. GET IN CONTACT now if you would like to make sure a copy is waiting for you on new release day!

⬇️ CLICK HERE for upcoming manga
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax GN Vol 03>
Demon Slayer Kimetsu Academy GN Vol 01>
Ima Koi Now Im In Love GN Vol 08>
Rainbow Days GN Vol 07>
Yakuza Lover GN Vol 11 (MR)>
Yona Of The Dawn GN Vol 40>
Neighborhood Story GN Vol 01>
My Hero Academia GN Vol 36>
Chainsaw Man GN Vol 13>
Blade Of The Moon Princess GN 2 02>
Mashle Magic & Muscles GN Vol 14>
Boruto GN Vol 18 Naruto Next Generations>
Sakamoto Days GN Vol 10>
Cat Eyed Boy Perfect Ed HC Vol 02>
Loves In Sight GN Vol 05>
Persona 5 GN Vol 11>
Insomniacs After School GN Vol 04>
Alice In Borderland GN Vol 08 (MR)>
Rooster Fighter GN Vol 05>
Fist Of The North Star HC Vol 11>
One Piece 3in1 Tp Vol 33>
Kaguya Sama Love Is War GN Vol 27>
Akane Banashi GN Vol 03>
Mission Yozakura Family GN Vol 08>
Call Of The Night GN Vol 14>
Yashahime Princess Half Demon GN Vol 04>
Pokemon Sword & Shield GN Vol 08>
Higurashi When They Cry Meguri GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Red Thread GN Vol 02 (MR)>
Stray Cat & Wolf GN Vol 02 (MR)>
Deer King GN Vol 02>
Witch Life In A Micro Room GN Vol 01>
Maiden Of The Needle GN Vol 02>
Bride Of The Barrier Master GN Vol 01 (MR)>
I Dont Know Which Is Love GN Vol 02 (MR)>
Clamp Premium Coll Tokyo Babylon GN Vol 02>
Minami Nanami Wants To Shine GN Vol 03 (MR)>
My Dear Curse-Casting Vampiress GN Vol 03 (MR)>
Sword Art Online Progressive Scherzo Deep Night GN Vol 03 (M>
Bocchi The Rock GN Vol 02>
Reincarnated Witch Spells Doom GN Vol 03>
Honey Trap Shared House GN Vol 02 (MR)>
Handyman Saitou In Another World GN Vol 03>
Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop GN Vol 03>
Unnamed Memory GN Vol 04 (MR)>
Disillusioned Adventurers Save The World GN Vol 04 (MR)>
Chitose Is In Ramune Bottle GN Vol 05>
Executioner & Her Way Of Life GN Vol 04>
Cocoon Entwined GN Vol 05 (MR)>
Princess Convenient Plot Devices GN Vol 04>
In The Land Of Leadale GN Vol 05>
No Longer Heroine GN Vol 05>
Holy Grail Eris GN Vol 06>
Girl Saved On Train Turned Out Childhood Friend GN Vol 05 (C>
Please Put Them On Takamine San GN Vol 07 (MR)>
Chained Soldier GN Vol 06 (MR)>
Behemoth S Ranked Monster Cat Elf Girl Pet GN Vol 08 (MR) (C>
Daughter Of Emperor GN Vol 06>
Cheeky Brat GN Vol 09>
Dead Mount Death Play GN Vol 11 (MR)>
Teasing Master Takagi San GN Vol 18>
Hakumei & Mikochi GN Vol 11>
Goblin Slayer Side Story Year One GN Vol 10 (MR)>
Phantom Tales Of The Night GN Vol 12 (MR)>
Ive Been Killing Slimes 300 Years Maxed Out GN Vol 12>
See You In My 19th Life GN Vol 01>
My Gently Raised Beast GN Vol 05>
7fates Chakho GN Vol 02>
The Boxer GN Vol 05>
Overgeared GN Vol 02>
Solo Leveling GN Vol 08 (MR)>
Girl With Sanpaku Eyes GN Vol 05>
Renjoh Desperado GN Vol 01 (Res)>
They Were 11 GN New Ed (Res)>
100 Girlfriends Who Really Love You GN Vol 08 (MR)>
Ero Ninja Scrolls GN Vol 06 (MR)>
Manga Diary Of A Male Porn Star GN Vol 04 (MR)>
Peter Grill & Philosophers Time GN Vol 11 (MR)>
Sundome Milky Way GN Vol 08 (MR)>
Welcome To Succubus High GN Vol 05 (MR)>
Worlds End Harem GN Vol 16 (MR)>
Marginal Operation GN Vol 16>
Blue Lock GN Vol 10>
Drifting Dragons GN Vol 15>
Edens Zero GN Vol 26>
Fairy Tail Omnibus GN (MR)>
Ghost In The Shell Human Algorithm Vol 04>
Go Go Loser Ranger GN Vol 08 (MR)>
How I Met My Soulmate GN Vol 01 (MR)>
I Was Reincarnated As 7th Prince GN Vol 09>
In Clear Moonlit Dusk GN Vol 06>
My Ultramarine Sky GN (MR)>
Nina Starry Bride GN Vol 02>
Ogami San Cant Keep It In GN Vol 02>
Orient GN Vol 18>
Pass Monster Meat Milady GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Quality Assurance In Another World GN Vol 05>
Rent A Girlfriend GN Vol 22 (MR)>
Saving 80k Gold In Another World GN Vol 04>
Seven Deadly Sins Omnibus GN Vol 13>
Shangri La Frontier GN Vol 09>
Shes My Knight GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Somethings Wrong With Us GN Vol 18>
Super Morning Star GN Vol 02 (MR)>
That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime GN Vol 23 (MR)>
To Your Eternity GN Vol 19 (Res)>
Tying Knot With An Amagami Sister GN Vol 02>
Wind Breaker GN Vol 03>
Yuri Is My Job GN Vol 12 (MR)>
Hinamatsuri GN Vol 19>
It Takes Two Tomorrow Too GN Vol 02>
Parallel World Pharmacy GN Vol 03>
7th Loop Villainess Carefree Life GN Vol 04>
Ancient Magus Bride GN Vol 19>
Backstabbed In A Backwater Dungeon GN Vol 04>
Berserk Of Gluttony GN Vol 09>
Breakfast With My Two Tailed Cat GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Chillin Another World Level 2 Super Cheat Powers GN Vol 07 (>
Chronicles Of Aristocrat Reborn In Another World GN Vol 08 (>
Colorless GN Vol 05 (Res) (MR)>
Correspondence From End Of Universe GN Vol 04 (Res)>
Correspondence From End Of Universe GN Vol 05>
Dai Dark GN Vol 06 (Res) (MR)>
Dance In Vampire Bund Age Of Scarlet Order GN Vol 10>
Dont Call It Mystery Omnibus GN Vol 03>
Drugstore In Another World Cheat Pharmacist GN Vol 08>
Dungeon People GN Vol 03 (Res) (MR)>
Eccentric Doctor Of Moon Flower Kingdom GN Vol 04>
Even Though Were Adults GN Vol 07 (MR)>
Ex Yakuza & Stray Kitten GN Vol 04>
Futari Escape GN Vol 04>
Grandmaster Of Demonic Cultivation GN Vol 04>
Hitomi Chan Is Shy With Strangers GN Vol 07 (Res)>
Homunculus Omnibus GN Vol 03 (Vol 3-4)>
How Heavy Are Dumbbells You Lift GN Vol 13 (MR)>
I Got Caught Up In A Hero Summons GN Vol 07>
Idaten Deities Know Only Peace GN Vol 06>
I Married My Female Friend GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Killing Stalking Dlx Ed GN Vol 05 (MR)>
Les Miserables Omnibus GN Vol 04>
Machimaho Made Wrong Person Magical Girl GN Vol 12 (Res) (MR>
Marmalade Boy Coll Ed GN Vol 04>
Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Elma Diary GN Vol 07 (Res)>
Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Kanna Daily Life GN Vol 11 (Res)>
Monster Musume GN Vol 17 (MR)>
Mushoku Tensei Roxy Gets Serious GN Vol 10>
My Dog Is A Death God GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Obey Me Comic GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Outbride Beauty & Beasts GN Vol 05 (Res)>
Reincarnated As A Sword Another Wish GN Vol 05>
Saints Magic Power Is Omnipotent Other Saint GN Vol 03>
Secret Of Friendship GN (MR)>
She Professed Herself Pupil Of Wise Man GN Vol 10 (MR)>
Though I Am An Inept Villainess GN Vol 04>
Titans Bride GN Vol 04 (Res) (MR)>
Tomo Chan Is A Girl Omnibus GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Toradora GN Vol 11>
Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang Out GN Vol 10>
We Started A Threesome GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Yakuza Reincarnation GN Vol 08>
You Like Me Not My Daughter GN Vol 04 (Res)>
Theres No Freaking Way Be Your Lover L Novel Vol 03>
Daemons Of Shadow Realm GN Vol 03>
Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses GN Vol 07>
Ice Guy & Cool Girl GN Vol 02>
My Clueless First Friend GN Vol 04>
My Isekai Life GN Vol 10>
Otherside Picnic GN Vol 08 (MR)>
Game Between Suits GN Vol 05 (MR)>
Since I Could Die Tomorrow GN Vol 01>
Alter Ego GN Vol 02 Noel & June>
The Prince Is In The Villainess Way GN Vol 01>
Star Crossed GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Medaka Kuroiwa Is Impervious To My Charms GN Vol 04>
Twilight Out Of Focus GN Vol 04 Evening Monologues (MR)>
Welcome To Demon School Iruma Kun GN Vol 05>
Pink Heart Jam GN Vol 01 (MR)>
Madk GN Vol 03 (MR)>