Impact Comics Festival 2019 – The Artists and Makers

The Impact Comics Festival 2019 is our 15th anniversary, it’s a great place to grab an indy comic, but also a great time to find some amazing art, jewellery and more!

In|Iteration – Design, 3D Printing, & 3D Scanning

In|Iteration and Tools By Hollie team up again to exhibit the amazing possibilities of 3D scanning and 3D printing. See the future of manufacturing!


Local Canberra artist who specalises in creating creepy monsters, cute animals and everything in between. Prints, pins and t-shirts art just a few thing that we will have to check out!

Cynthia’s Designs

I am an aspiring manga artist who creates products like badges, stickers and charms, and fan art on various manga series.

Freaky Ancient Ninja

Traditional artists who have a deep love and fascination for nature, fantasy and the macabre. Works range from pen and ink drawings to watercolour paintings.

Larissa Cook

An illustrator and graphic designer from the Snowy Mountains. Travelling from the bush with me will be original work featuring Australian native bird witches, Australian Chinese zodiacs, tea and spirit mermaids and fan art pieces including Marvel, DC, Sailor Moon and other anime.

Puffin & Yuzuu

Puffin & Yuzuu is a collaboration between the artists – PuffinKun and Yuzuu07. We sell fan art of beloved anime and video game characters as prints and keychains!

Raye Sommers Design

Graphic Designer by day–Illustrator, freelance designer and magical girl superhero by night–Creative and dreamer all day every day! Selling original and fan artworks that make you feel something, discover new things, or maybe just help brighten your day!

SangzhimeArt & Meduchan Handcraft

I’m a graphic artist and writer working mainly in the sequential art medium. I love visual storytelling, and in particular stories that evoke a strong feeling or sense of emotion. I’ve created and self-published several comics and graphic novels, as well as a body of work satirising pop cultural icons and ideas.

Ash Light

I’m an art student at ANU and I make art related to comics and manga, as well as designing my own characters, drawing people’s original characters & doing commissions

Jazmin Adams Art

Canberra based Artist creating prints, charms, stickers and original works, both of fan art and my own design.

Kaiju Spit

Kaiju and horrific monster designer.
Designs stickers, custom traditional and digital commissions and prints.

pogo online

aussie trans woman. mostly video game fanart, some original stuff. may do sketches and stuff on the day but im unsure about that

Universal Mythos

We are a pair of artists who create art digitally and traditionally. We will be selling prints of a variety of comic characters, such as Harley Quinn, Spiderman, and Death (Neil Gaiman); as well as Lovecraft inspired Disney characters.

Creative Beasts

Fursuit maker based in Canberra, Australia
This year I’ll be selling handmade tails, paws, ears and costume armour!

Insta: @creative_beasts

Gallifreyan Pendants

Personalised Keyrings and pendants in fictitious languages such as Gallifreyan, Enochian, Gnommish, Dothraki etc…


Hand Painted Cat Mask and Handmade Japanese cosplay accessories. interested in Japanese Anime cosplay? You have to visit Matcha15!!!


Chowratt is a dynamic collaboration between local artist Kieron Pratt and photographer Peter Chown. Channeling a shared love of creativity, design and a passion for fun, Pete and Kieron have developed a range of unique artwork designed to appeal to a broad range of individual clients.


Canberra born artist and occasional cosplayer, selling prints, charms, badges, stickers and nerdy crochets

Sanguineti Media

Sanguineti Media will be bringing their web series Wombat Man to Impact Comics Festival 2019, including the launch of their tie in comic.