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New comics will start shipping soon, and we are getting ready!
We’ve already placed orders for items that will be arriving over the next month or so, they were listed in the February and March catalogs!
There is often a chance to tweak some titles a few weeks before release day keep an eye on the weekly list HERE>>

But, now we are placing orders from the APRIL Catalog, for release in June and July and beyond. If you want anything from this catalog, please get your orders in by 18th of May!

The April 2020 PREVIEWS catalog lists all of the graphic novels, manga, comics and more that we are expecting to start hitting shelves in JUNE/JULY 2019 and beyond. Make sure you place your orders with us by the 18th of MAY so you don’t miss out on anything!

As you might have heard, the release schedule of comics coming out of the US has been disrupted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Everything in this catalog was originally planned for a release in June, or as soon afterwards as possible, and we did start taking orders in Arpil. Some items will still hit their original dates, some will have new release dates. Any dates listed in the online catalog should be about two days before we expect to have them on the shelf (as long as theinternational freight gods smile on us) so please get your orders in, but take all the listed release dates as a little bit flexible.

The Lot…

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Now, these are the ones most likely to be delayed by the shutdown in the US, so assume release dates are not correct.


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