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    Between 2018-2020 I experienced three psychotic episodes. I was sucked into a world of delusion. An ever shifting mystery thriller that got me fired, had me talking to myself at bus stops and considering homelessness to protect those I loved from the conspiracy that hounded me.

    Psychosis number two, my longest and most shattering episode, happened just before Covid-19 shut down the world. My plans for rebuilding a sense of normal gone, as ?normal? disappeared for everyone.

    Drawing comics gave me a mission and purpose. It provided an alchemical space for healing. It helped me feel less alone.

    Psychosis isn?t something we talk about very much, outside of jokes, cliches and horror movies. We need to have better conversations about mental health.

    It was scary, but I knew I needed to speak.

    This is my voice. 60 pages plus cover


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