The Big Reveal in DC Universe Rebirth

This Friday, 27th of May, DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1 hits the shelves and standing order drawers. It promises to be a great jumping on point. But it also holds many little breadcrumbs to what came before if that’s what you are looking for.



DC has a habit of letting all powerful beings mess with things.

The Anti-Monitor smashing worlds together. Parallax straight up snuffing things out of existence. Time travellers messing with things.

Well, it looks like there is one guy that’s been around since the 1980s and no one noticed what he was doing.

Look, this might not be a spoiler, we haven’t had a chance to see the book yet, but we hear this is the case…

DOCTOR MANHATTAN promised at the end of WATCHMEN that he was heading off to experiment with creating life. We saw more of that in detail in BEFORE WATCHMEN.

Could the DC Universe be the result of Doctor Manhattan’s experiments with creating life? The online leaks seem to point to yes.

Could Alan Moore have planted an idea so big that it now affects the very DC Universe?

If the rumours are true, this could be one of the biggest long term story pay offs in comics super hero history. And after many vague teases, the first time the universe of WATCHMEN has been folded into (or on top of, or around?) the DC Universe.

There are other reveals too, as reported HERE and HERE

Find out for sure by grabbing DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1 on Friday 27th of May (make sure you reserve a copy!)