Negative Space by Ryan K Lindsay

It’s a psychological, sci-fi, horror, thriller adventure to save us all from our own worst feelings. This must be the work of Canberra scribe RYAN K LINDSAY.



Written by Canberra’s own Ryan K Lindsay
with amazing detailed art by Owen Gieni

Hitting the shelf like a creepy tentacled monster on Friday 8th of July.
Don’t miss your copy…

When one man’s writer’s block gets in the way of his suicide note, he goes for a walk to clear his head and soon uncovers a century-old conspiracy dedicated to creating and mining the worst lows of human desperation.

A corporation has manipulated his life purely so they can farm his suicide note as a sadness artifact that will be packed and shipped to ancient underwater creatures who feed off our strongest and most base emotions.

Our hero partners with a cult intent on exposing the corporation, and only a suicide mission can solve the whole mess.

Check out Ryan talking about the book at the 2016 ACAF (about 1:15)

Collects Negative Space #1-#4.