AMBER BROWN Is Not a Crayon GN


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    (W) Paula Danzinger (A) Victoria Ying
    A heartwarming re-introduction to Paula Danziger’s beloved character Amber Brown, in a fresh new graphic novel format. Third graders Amber Brown and Justin Daniels have been best friends since the day they first met in preschool. How great of a team are they? Amber helps Justin with his handwriting, and Justin helps Amber with her fractions. They sit next to each other in class and hang out together after school every day-that’s just how it’s always been. But when Justin finds out his family is moving away, everything starts to feel different. Amber gets sad whenever she thinks about Justin leaving, and Justin seems overwhelmed by all the change to come. Can the two besties figure out a way to say goodbye that will keep their friendship strong, no matter how far apart they are?

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